Monthly Meeting

Feb 9th 7PM

210 S Main


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Coyote Flats Pioneer Days

Sunday, September 13

2:00 – 4:00pm

1800 Cr 415 Cleburne, Tx 76031

We’ll Be There

Homemade Ice Cream Social!

JCRV meeting

Tuesday, September 8

7:00 – 8:00pm

Monthly JCRV meeting and Homemade Ice Cream Social. Please rsvp by calling Susan Thompson at 817 647-5409

Prefer a text.

641 County Rd 314

Cleburne, TX 76031

July 14 Meeting Canceled

Week of 7/13-17/2020

Recruited 8 new vol. Tue and Wednesday.

Picked up a really nice desk from in front of a small office building.

Owner must have gone under during covid and landlord put the

Desk out by the street with a free sign on it, I would value it at around 300 to 400 dollars and in excellent condition.

Ordered 100 Trump God Guns And Country signs from DSP for $460. These signs are a hot ticket item with availability from the original supplier getting harder along with price increases makes DSP the way to go. DSP also was the cheapest. Switched from VistaPrint to GotPrint for our business cards. Received 2500 cards from GotPrint for $44 not counting shipping.

Trump donation items are going out of the building almost as fast as we get them in. Placed a large order of items to try to keep up.                        

There was a young mother at a Kroger store in Cleburne who was trying to buy a few items for her kids to eat and her debit card was declined. She moved her cart and asked that they clear her purchase from the register and check me out. I asked the clerk to leave the total and that the JCRV would pay it, total cost was under $36.00

It is time to set up a communications network for the Volunteers that are beginning to pile up. Precinct 8 is expanding the most with Matthew Roussel asking to be Pct 8 chair. At present Jim Tate Pct 7 Chair will act as the Commissioner Precinct 3 Executive Committee Chair to lead the overall organization until such time as some of the new people get familiar with how this all works.

Also need to have precincts to come up with ideas for get togethers in their precincts.

Have 4 applicants for precinct chairs for the following precincts that have come in this week not counting Pct 8, in total there are 5 applicants. Pct 19 now has a total of 7 volunteers counting myself.

Nearly a dozen new voters have registered or did a change of address this week. The I Pledged To Vote  postcards are starting to be used and appears to be a good idea, new voters like them.

Creating a new volunteer card on the GotPrint website will be reviewed by some volunteers for any flaws or suggestions before ordering.