Computing is a very important tool for learning and supporting children to raise standards in English and Maths as well as other subjects. Simply put, it is the key to the future. Children use computing to communicate and handle information so that they can present it in a variety of ways.

All children are encouraged to interact with Information Technology from the time they start school.

Every class has access to the Internet and a dedicated set of year group laptops. We have Wi-Fi access throughout the building and parts of the school grounds, enabling outside sections to be a ‘classroom’.

All children have a dedicated computing lesson per week. The emphasis is on building basic skills and confidence. Learning to touch-type, researching under guidance on the Internet, creating spreadsheets, data handling and control are just a few of the many skills taught. Computing lessons aim to be exciting, suitably challenging and rewarding for all children.

Good computing skills will be acquired through the use of Switched on Computing which is the scheme of work the school uses. We intend to ensure that all children take part in an expansive, balanced curriculum, which encourages them to understand how computing is used in modern society.

Safer Internet Day at Cliff Lane Primary

On Thursday 7th February the children took part in IT activities as part of safer internet day. They learnt about consent on and offline, designed posters and surfed the net safely.