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Ray Johnson

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“Carried By The Wind”, the first single from the album Groove, continues to build a strong following after its February release.

Since its February release, “Carried By The Wind” has experienced a steady growth in listeners world wide.  People throughout the music streaming world are discovering the creative efforts and musical/lyrical stylings of singer/songwriter Ray Johnson.

“Carried By The Wind” is drawing interest not only from fans but also from numerous playlist curators on Spotify. The number of curators continues to grow.  Below are quotes from some recent playlist curators and their thoughts on “Carried By The Wind”:

Music Lover: “Hey there, Ray Johnson! I loved your very expressive and edgy voice and I just noticed the very well-written lyrics and heart-warming story lines. Congrats! You made it on my biggest playlist. Congrats and cheers!”

New sauce: “Well, I must say you've sung so beautifully and I have never seen a gifted singer like you before. Your lyrics hit differently. I want to say thanks for the great performance and hope to hear more from you soon.”

Showland Productions: “Thank you very much for the submission. The driving rhythm of the acoustic guitar provided a solid foundation for the rest of the instruments to build upon. You created a dynamic and engaging sound that kept me hooked throughout the entire song.The lyrics of the song were poetic and introspective. The singer's voice was raw and emotional, delivering the lyrics with sincerity and conviction. Happy to add to a playlist.”

Radio Top Charts: “Hi Ray, the team listening to your title and everyone liked it, voice and harmonious melody, we decided to put you on our webradio Radio Top Charts which is broadcast in 140 countries and we have contacts with other Media and pro , welcome to us”

Oia! Records, Playlists and Music News: “Hey Ray, thanks for sharing your art ! Love this kind of stuff, reminds me of some Bob Dylan kind of stuff. Let's add it to IndieFolk , please share and like the playlist so we all grow together please”

Musically, the driving rhythm of Ray’s guitars create a dynamic and engaging sound. Combining this musical styling with a poetic, heartwarming story line, makes “Carried By The Wind”  believable and sincere.  The song is delivered with conviction and passion.

Regardless of the musical genre you enjoy, americana, acoustic pop/rock or soft ballads, “Carried By The Wind” will lift your senses and soothe your soul.


It is important to have some background on me and my musical development. I began singing at the age of 6 in grade school with the choir. When I reached the age of 12, I began learning to play acoustic guitar, taking lessons for a year or two. In high school, I continued with choir, engaged in vocal ensembles, committed to playing guitar, and formed my first cover band.  I moved on to college where I continued my vocal and guitar development and graduated.

I established myself in the local music scene as a successful acoustic/vocalist solo act for the next five years. Eventually, my solo work blossomed into the formation of my second cover band. We made our mark in the local music scene and had success for the next 5 years. It is important to note that, during this time, I began to introduce songs to our repertoire that I had written over the preceding years. Soon after that, I found it best to move on and began to seriously apply myself to the art of songwriting. A few years later, I formed another band, Saldo Kreek. Our focus was to write and perform original songs exclusively. We released two CDs, “Panning for Gold” and “Love Street”, both with moderate success. Although short-lived, Saldo Kreek became the springboard to where I find myself today.

Presently,  I continue to write and create music.  I am a music producer and own my own studio.   I also have a music publishing company called “Soon To Be Famous Publishing LLC” and am responsible for all distribution of my work.

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Just released and now available on most streaming services is the 2nd release from Ray Johnson titled “2020”, featuring the second single release “Feelings Thru The Mail”.

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