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IB Middle Year Programme

Table of  Contents


Objectives of the policy

Policy Guidelines

Eligibility Criteria for taking admission in  MYP Year 2 & 3 (Grade ­ 7 & 8) & MYP Year 4 & 5 (Grade 9 & 10)

Admission procedure

Details of Readiness test

Waitlist Criteria for Admission


Annexure ­ 1 : Details of Orientation to Middle Years Programme (MYP)

Easy interpretation of the passing criteria

Annexure ­ 2 : Format for Letter of Recommendation

Annexure­ 3: Format of consolidated report on each student

Annexure ­ 3 : MYP SEN guidelines


Other strategies



Fountainhead School is an all inclusive school which aims to provide high quality educational experience through its IB Middle Year Programme (MYP). The IB Middle Year Programme is an academically challenging and balanced programme of education. The MYP has been designed as a coherent and comprehensive curriculum framework that provides academic challenges and develops the life skills of students from the ages of 11 to 16. Middle Years at Fountainhead school comprise of Grade 7 to 10. The school’s admission policy ensures a fair and transparent admission system and avoid unfair discrimination on grounds of disability, gender, religion or belief. However, if the disability of the candidate hinders his/her ability to effectively cope up  with the challenges posed by the programme then the school may deny admission to such students. Further, the policy also ensures that proper admission procedure is followed in respect to each application received for admission.

Objectives of the policy

Applicable to:

This policy applies to all parents seeking admission for their children at Fountainhead School.

Value (s) guiding policy:*(Please refer

a) Value Term: Fairness, Excellence

b) Why:

Policy Guidelines

Eligibility Criteria for taking admission in  MYP Year 2 & 3 (Grade ­ 7 & 8) & MYP Year 4 & 5 (Grade 9 & 10)

Admission procedure

Admission process for MYP :

  1. Collection & payment of Admission Packet.
  2. Submission of Documents & Submission of online admission form.
  3. Readiness test.
  4. Communication of the result and admission status/waitlist number.
  5. Deposit fees.
  6. Confirmation.

STEP 1: Collection and payment of the admission packet:

        You need to come to school to collect the admission packet.

STEP 2: Submission of all documents and online admission form (hard copy)

*Please submit the following  to the school.

  1. Admission Form Request with complete details, signed by the parent
  2. Attested (notarized)/self attested photocopy of the child’s aadhar card*
  3. Attested (notarized)/self assessed  photocopy of child’s Birth Certificate*
  4. Five passport size photographs of the child
  5. One family photograph (parents, child & siblings only) in hard copy.
  6. “Parents’ Undertaking”(all policies/tuition/cyber) signed by both the parents.
  7. Previous two years Report Card (for Grades  1-9 and Grade 11)
  8. Original School Leaving Certificate (Please submit it before 25th May or admission may stand cancelled).  
  9. Parent Evaluation form
  10. No due certificate to be filled by the school.

*Parents need to carry the original birth certificate and aadhar card for verification.

Please note that the admission process will be treated as incomplete if any of the documents mentioned above are not submitted.

 Submission of online admission form- You will be required to fill the online admission form which will be emailed to your email id.

Step 3: Readiness test and “Education for Tomorrow” workshop:

It is mandatory to attend this workshop (preferably both parents) if you are seeking admission at Fountainhead School, Kunkni. If parents do not attend the workshop, then it might lead to cancellation of admission. Parents will have to attend the workshop while the child will be appearing for the test.

Step 4: Communication of admission status:

You will be informed about your child’s admission status through call, SMS or email.

If your child is placed in the waiting pool, you will receive a final decision latest by 30th May.

Step 5: Deposit of Fees:

If your child is able to secure admission at Fountainhead School, then you need to pay one time admission fee and security deposit through the following options.

1. Directly at HDFC bank branch

You may pay the fees at any HDFC bank branch through the bank slip given to you in the admission packet.

2. To pay via Paytm:

We're delighted to announce that we’ve partnered with Paytm to collect fee online! Now you can pay your fee using credit card, debit card, net banking and Paytm wallet.

Step 6: Confirmation of admission:

We will be sending a confirmation sms/email to you once we receive your child’s admission fees and security deposit.

Details of Readiness test

For Internal Candidates : No readiness test is required

For External Candidates : All candidates who have done CBSE, ICSE,  State Boards or have done IGCSE, PYP or MYP have to appear for an readiness test. The readiness test will comprise of the following subject papers

English: The test paper will be designed to check the student’s ability in successfully meeting the requirements for Language and Literature at MYP.

Math: The test paper will be designed to check the student’s ability in successfully meeting the requirements for Mathematics at MYP level.

Hindi: The paper will be designed to check the skill development phase of the student.

Selection Criteria for admission in MYP

English: 60% minimum score

Maths: 50% minimum score

The candidate may appear for re- assessment if he/she feels that he/she can do better. However if the student is not able to score (as mentioned above) in the re-assessment test then the school might ask the student to register for MYP Course during e-assessment of Year 5 (Grade 10). The requirements of getting admission as MYP course student will be communicated to the candidate and his/her parents and their consent in written form will be taken for the same.

Subject Allocation

For allocation of Extended level in Mathematics: For allocation of Extended level in this subject, a high score in the school’s readiness test and high level of proficiency in this subject (based on previous school’s academic reports). However the student may still go for Extended level in the subject of his/her choice on the condition that a review regarding the progress of student in that particular subject will be done after three months and the student may be transferred to Standard level in that particular level if he/she is not able to meet the expectations of Extended level in the subject.

Waitlist Criteria for Admission

Admissions will be granted as per below given criteria used:

Basic Criteria

Sr. no.

Criteria for MYP


Attended EFT Workshop (compulsory)


All Documents signed and submitted (compulsory)


Readiness test and (interaction with parent only if required).


Completing the process as per the admission timeline.


For SEN - Candidates with special need may be considered in the event if the disability of the candidate does not hinder his/her ability to effectively cope up with the challenges posed by Middle Years Programme and if the right support teacher has been identified by either the parent or the school. The decision of the HOS will be final in this respect.

For other categories

 Middle Years & Diploma Years (Criterion)

Admission dept. will check first that whether candidate has cleared the readiness test with minimum mark set for the specific grades.

Girls (First preference will be given to girls for admission)

Important Note:

Rejected Parents/Admission offered

For already issued forms: If fees is not submitted within the new given deadline, the form willst and cancelled. The parents will be welcome to come back and fill up the form as per availability of seats and follow the same procedure as any other parent. However, they will be given lower priority than an altogether new parent, if there’s an issue of seat availability.

● If we have limited seats or no seats availability, students will be in waitlist criteria (to follow admission criteria policy )


Annexure ­ 1 : Details of Orientation to Middle Years Programme (MYP)

Knowing MYP

1. What is the IB education?

An IB education is the result of a dynamic interaction between IB learners (who), teaching and learning in the IB (how), global contexts for teaching and learning (why) and the pursuit of significant knowledge and understanding (what). The IB’s philosophy of education is informed by research and by over 40 years of practical experience in international education. This philosophy remains open to reflection and review; the IB has always championed a stance of critical engagement with challenging ideas, one that both values the past and remains open to innovation.

IB programme models highlight important shared features of an IB education.

Source: (2017). MYP: From principles into practice For use from September 2014/January 2015. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Apr. 2017].

2. What board is offered in Middle Years at Fountainhead school?

 Middle Years at Fountainhead comprise of Grade 7 to 10. The MYP has been designed as a coherent and comprehensive curriculum framework that provides academic challenges and develops the life skills of students from the ages of 11 to 16.

3. What is e assessment?

MYP eAssessment offers students opportunities to demonstrate disciplinary and interdisciplinary understanding, international-mindedness, critical and creative thinking, problem-solving skills and the ability to apply knowledge in unfamiliar situations. On-screen examinations and ePortfolios provide a balanced model of assessment for schools seeking IB-validated grades. Official IB recognition of achievement in the MYP is only available for students who participate in and successfully complete the required e-Assessments.

4. What are the requirements to get IB MYP certificate?

The IB MYP certificate will be awarded when all conditions have been met in compliance with the General regulations: Middle Years Programme and as described below.

A candidate may register for any number of subjects (including language acquisition, arts, physical and health education, and design), but only six subjects contribute to the award of the certificate. A candidate must also register for the personal project and an interdisciplinary on-screen examination. If a candidate takes more than one subject from the same subject group, the highest grade from all the subjects in that subject group will count towards the certificate. Where a candidate chooses to take multiple subjects from the arts, physical and health education or design, the highest single grade from these subject groups will count towards the certificate.

A grade from at least one subject from each of the following six subject groups must contribute to the award of the certificate.

The IB will award an IB MYP certificate to each candidate who has:

Source: (2017). Handbook of Procedures for the Middle Years Programme: Assessment 2017. [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Mar. 2017].

Easy interpretation of the passing criteria

The minimum requirement to get a grade total of at least 28 from six subject groups, the interdisciplinary on- screen examination and the personal project combined.

Other essential requirements to get IB MYP certificate

Gained at least grade 3  in any 4 subjects.

Gained at least grade 4  in any 4 subjects.

gained at least a grade 3 in at least one subject from each subject group.

Gained at least a grade 3 for the personal project.

Gained at least a grade 3 for the interdisciplinary on-screen examination.

Completed the school’s requirements for community service.

5. Is e-assessment compulsory for all?

E assessment in MYP is optional. However, the school recommends all students to go for e assessment. Option will be provided on a case to case basis. Final call will be taken by MYPC. If students don’t opt for e assessment then they will get MYP Pass certificate from the school recognized by IB after successful completion of the programme requirements. In this case the result will be given based on the performance exhibited during school examination which will be assessed by school faculties.

Annexure ­ 2 : Format for Letter of Recommendation

Date :______________

Admissions, Fountainhead School

Middle Years Programme

Surat, Gujarat

Dear MYP Coordinator,

I am writing to recommend (Name of the candidate) for admission into the Fountainhead

school’s MYP Programme. I have known (Name of the candidate) for___________months /years, and he/she has studied in my school for __________months/years.

Please include here your views about the candidates on : Sincerity level, Timely Submissions, Active participation in school’s activities, discipline record, Academic performance, Ability to work independently and in teams and any other relevant information.

Name of the Person (Writing recommendation)____________________________


Contact No._________________________

Annexure­ 3: Format of consolidated report on each student






Overall conduct /behaviour

Leadership Qualities displayed (including team working,

role modelling, following 7 habits etc.)

Display of IB learner profile

Rapport with friends/peers and teachers

General Punctuality and dressing up

Grade :

1 -­ Not Satisfactory

2 ­- Average

3­ - Good

4 ­- Very Good

The Grade descriptors for the above purpose are as follows:




Overall conduct needs improvement, rarely displays leadership qualities & IB learner profile attributes, poor rapport with friends, peers and teachers, punctual and well dressed only on few occasions.


Average overall conduct, sometimes displays leadership qualities, average display of IB learner profile attributes, average rapport with friends, peers and teachers, on an average he/she punctual and well dressed.


Good overall conduct, often displays leadership qualities & IB learner profile attributes, maintains good rapport with friends, peers and teachers, often punctual and well dressed.


Excellent overall conduct, excellent display of leadership qualities & IB learner profile attributes, maintains excellent rapport with friends, peers and teachers, always punctual and well dressed.

Annexure ­ 3 : MYP SEN guidelines


At Fountainhead School (henceforth to be addressed as FS) we acknowledge that at any stage in his/her school life the child may have Special Educational Needs. Here it is necessary that school should make special educational provisions for meeting the needs. SEN provisions[2] should be in addition to or otherwise different from, the educational provision made generally for children having common educational needs.

Criteria to admit  / recommend SEN students in the MYP

If the SEN student’s disability  doesn’t affect his/her ability to meet the demands of the program then the school will admit the student. In addition the following two conditions needs to be fulfilled for granting admission.

  1. The school and/or the parents are able to find a trained teacher with specific needs (who is able to provide support as listed later in this document) for the same, if a special educator is necessary. The school will try its level best to explore options for providing support to the student.
  2. The parents are willing to bear the complete expenses of any such support provided.
  3. The student have the aptitude to meet all curriculum and assessment requirements but require support to reach their full potential in learning and assessment.[3]

If the above criteria are met and the admission is granted to the student then the school will use the following approaches and strategies for meeting the needs of the SEN students:

Other strategies


[2] The MYP SEN guidelines are aligned to the school SEN policy

[3] Organization, I.B. (no date) MYP: From principles into practice. Available at: (Accessed: 17 June 2016).

[4] For details please visit

[5] For details please visit

[6] For details, please visit

[7] For detail, please visit