1. Imagine a world where nobody knew what 1 + 1 equals  and every girl, boy, mum, dad, brother and sister didn't go to school, Well that is a world I would not want to live in. Nobody would have an education. That would be a nightmare!!!! So I have come to tell you why I think education is extraordinary,  kids should finish school and go to university  and become very very very smart and brainy.

2.  My first point is you could get really intelligent, you could even become the next Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton...That would be an achievement I would love to have...You could also receive the excellence or academic award, which are very hard awards to get because you have to be good at everything and to get those awards you have to go to school to get them. So that's probably going to be a problem for people that don't go to school but really want those awards.            

3. My second reason education is fabulous is you will most likely get a really outstanding job, like a doctor or neuroscientist and the 20% of teens that drop out of school that's right 20% …. that's crazy but they with probably get a terrible job like a  professional gamer that spends every single second of the day playing video games, their brain will shrink, and they will go from smart to dumb, and personally I would not want to be a gamer that spends every second of the day one their devices or playing video games and have my brain shrink. I would much rather be a doctor or a Neuroscientist.

4. Did you know 4 out of 10 teachers quit teaching because of children's behavior well this leads me to my third and final point. If you have a great education you can teach others and become an awesome teacher like the very people that teach us, Mr Park, Mrs Graham and Mrs Pittaway, and guess how many people you can help. 100s or even 1000s,and you don't have to be like the 4 out of 10 of teachers that leave the teaching professions.  That is definitely not resilience or any of the 3 Rs which is very upsetting because adults should know better.  

5. I hope I have persuaded you to understand that education is brilliant and very good for you and that all the kids in this room should finish school and become a teacher, doctor, a neuroscientist or even the next Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein.   That would be really cool because that means you have become a really good role model for people in school that are trying to be like you and have an outstanding  education.