School Closure and Delay Procedure

To:                          All Staff and Families

From:                Laili Komenda

Re:                          School Closures & Delays

Date:                  September 27, 2019


Declaring a School Closure or Two Hour Late Start:


The Principal/Superintendent or assigned designee, communicates to the County Superintendent of any school closure.  The County Superintendent handles the media contacts for all school districts in Flathead County.  


When Kalispell Public Schools determines a closure is necessary, typically Smith Valley will also close.  However, we do have the option of staying open.  Watch the County Superintendent of Schools website to confirm which schools are closed.

Smith Valley School may close when Kalispell does not.  Our conditions and location, reasons and criteria are not always going to be the same as Kalispell Public Schools.

Who Reports?

  1. Principal/Superintendent
  2. District Secretary or designee
  3. Maintenance/Custodial staff


Emergency Road Conditions


Make-Up Days

Decisions on student make-up days will be discussed by the Board of Trustees at the next regular board meeting.