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United South Central Schools

What is Flexible Learning? Flexible Learning involves online or teacher-prepared lessons that students do when away from the physical school building.  By using one-to-one Chromebooks/iPads and by making provisions for students without such devices,  USC recognizes that education can continue even when students and teachers are not in the same location.  Along with emphasizing the value of learning, the Flexible Learning initiative encourages character growth in the areas of self-sufficiency, adaptability, and perseverance.

What are the Goals of USC’s Flexible Learning Initiative?  

  1. To minimize the disruption to academic progress caused by emergency  school closures by making these out-of-school days as educationally productive and engaging as possible.
  2. To allow USC’s 5-12 students opportunity to practice the kind of online learning that is increasingly part of both college study and workplace training.  
  3. To maximize use of USC’s one-to-one technology.

What does Flexible Learning look like at USC?  

How will USC address the concerns of students with special needs?  Working with the parent, student, and teacher, the Special Education case manager will establish a plan to follow for the student when/if a Flexible Learning Day is called:  

How Will Families Be Notified That Flexible Learning Is Expected?  If regular school is cancelled, families, teachers, and students will receive an announcement about Flexible Learning expectations through the school messaging system.  Also, a notice will be placed on the USC website, and, if possible, the implementation of a Flexible Learning Day will be broadcast in conjunction with the school closing announcements on radio and television.

What Will Teachers Do To Prepare for Flexible Learning Days?

What If a 5-12 Student Does Not Have Internet Access at Home?

*Parents will be surveyed at elementary pre-school conferences and at the high school open house about Internet access.  (Previous surveys indicate that most families in the district do have Internet access.)

How can Parents Help Support Student Success with Flexible Learning?

How Will Flexible Learning Days Work?

How Might the Flexible Learning Day Initiative Impact the School Calendar?

How the Flexible Learning Day Initiative impacts the school calendar depends on the number of emergency closings that occur.  

If USC would experience more than three closings this year, the District would proceed in a way that best serves students:   Teachers and students may be required to do additional Flexible Learning Day work, or the District may schedule a regular face-to-face make-up day to compensate for the lost time.  As in the past, this traditional make-up day might be scheduled on a date originally designated as a non-school day, such as President’s Day, or it might be added to the calendar at the end of the academic year.

Need for Both Flexibility and Expectation of Success:  

The District understands that students may have a variety of responsibilities at home during Flexible Learning Days and that a few families may not have access to the Internet.

However, the expectation is that students will complete assignments within the

time frame established  by the teacher.