Suburban Acres Civic League

Minutes for General Meeting Held on: March 11, 2019

Prepared by:  Peter Beznoska

Meeting called to order by Louis Gabriel, President, at 6:30 PM, followed by Pledge of Allegiance.


Community Resource Officer Report: Given by Officer William Old, Norfolk PD

-Burglary on 400 Block of Thole St., nothing taken, shoes and metal pipe were left at scene.  Likely someone looking for a place to sleep.

-A couple of vehicles in the area have had their license plates stolen recently.  Officer Old recommended residents looking into alternative methods of securing license plates.

-Neighbors continue to have concerns about speeding on Thole St.

Neighborhood watch update:

-Norfolk Neighborhood App was introduced to the members.  The police department has joined the app which was developed by Ring.

-The fire on Virginian Drive was in a vacant unit of an apartment complex.  Nobody was hurt and cause is still being investigated.

New Neighbors: None


Special Speaker: Neighbor Leah ran the members through her “Little Lending Library” that she developed for Girl Scouts project at 7231 Galveston Blvd.

Guest Speaker - Joe Baron -Sheriff, City of Norfolk


Sheriff Baron discussed the state of the Sheriff’s Department with the members and stated the department has three main focus areas:


  1. Morale
  1. The city has created a plan to help retain deputies that the city has been losing due to compensation issues.
  2. Sheriff Baron is focused on improving employee recognition.
  1. Inmate Programs
  1. Sheriff Baron provided statistics  on the benefits and improvements in inmate programs designed to reduce recitivism.
  2. Inmate program priorities include:
  1. Mental health and substance abuse
  2. Work release and vocational programs.
  3. Other evidence-based programs such as Yoga.
  1. Community Outreach
  1. Sheriff Baron stressed the importance of the community outreach programs the Sheriff’s department performs such as Senior programs.


Other topics covered by Sheriff Baron included:



Committee Reports:


Treasurer: $2,206.61


President Gabriel gave special recognition to JoAnn Powell for her work in keeping the books of the Suburban Acres Civic League.  It facilitated a thorough budget review process for 2018 and made that process as smooth as it could possibly be with her attention to detail.

2018 Budget was circulated to the members.

Wards Corner Task Force:

Updates included: City efforts to create a Little Creek Business Association, Aviation Institute of Maintenance taking over major vacant building on Little Creek Road, funding to buy and improve properties in Denby Park is main priority of the City.

Announcements/Discussion Items:

-Need volunteers for committees.  Committees include: Holiday Party, Chili cook-off, Parade.

-Members are encouraged to join for all the updates from the community.

-Reminder about Honda of Norfolk for difficult items to recycle.

-Thanks Guads and Karen Mayne for providing the refreshments.  The Civic League is looking for volunteers to provide food.

-Adopt-a-spot scheduled for March 30 at 9Am at Suburban Park Elementary

-Norfolk Collegiate Day of Service scheduled for April 10th at 9AM at the Upper School

-Next board meeting is April 8. Guest speaker will be City Council Member Courtney Doyle

-Reminder about the Ocean View St. Patrick’s Day parade on March 16th.

-SACL board members continue to work with the city on plans/brainstorming for a picnic shelter at Caton Park.

Old Business: None

New Business None