Hobbes reminded us that life was "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short".

I know what he meant.  As blessed as we are to live in this day and age of abundant food and resources, somehow we still have to overcome being human.

As much as I blame relatives for getting old and sick, my current situation is my fault as well.  I miss my Dad who died 11 years ago.  At the end, he was legally blind (macular degeneration - wet kind) and had Alzheimer’s.  

Talk about a shitty combination.  Your brain is turning to mush, and you have no visual stimulus to remember people or faces.

All I can say is that I am grateful that the nursing home did not last too long, and he did not get mean as so many Alzheimer’s patients do.  His body just forgot how to function.

No one knows for sure what causes Alzheimer’s.  Doctors don’t know for sure until they slice up your brain at autopsy.  Heredity may be a factor.  So every time I forget a person’s name or when I have an appointment, I panic.

It’s an evil disease.  I don’t think I would ever take my own life, but if I develop ALZ, I might reconsider.

(For those of you who are wussy victims of life, this is article not medical advice.  Grow up.  Grow a pair.  And take responsibility for your lives.  But just to keep web nannies happy, here is a medical disclaimer - http://chazlamm.com/medical-disclaimer/ that applies to this article.)

Another sad factor is that we don’t know what we can do to prevent the disease.  But that takes me back to my Gong.

Alzheimer’s disease is now being called type 3 diabetes.  I always knew that diabetes causes everything, but we don’t know exactly what causes diabetes.

As part of my Gong, I am going to a pure vegan diet.  I am already doing one, but I sometimes include some rice and white potatoes and other troubling foods, however vegan.

To control and reverse diabetes, diet and exercise are key.  The same vegan lifestyle should help prevent heart disease (my father had 3 heart attacks and open heart surgery).  It won’t cure anything, but it can’t hurt.

My problem is that I really don’t like salads.  I can force myself to eat them, but it’s medicine, not cuisine.  I often take nutritional supplements to make sure I get sufficient vitamins and minerals.

What I have found is that soups and roasted vegetables can be the mainstay of my eating plan.  I especially like vegetable soup and tomato soup.  Vegan versions can be found in any grocery store making it easy to grab a snack when away from home.

For raw food advocates, my diet won’t work.  I can’t eat enough raw foods to get enough protein and calories.

One thing I have gone back to is making my own plant-based protein shakes.  Pea protein I think is favorable to soy, but soy is not as bad as some gurus make it out to be.  We ate it daily in Peace Corps days.

I sometimes buy ready made vegan protein shakes, but mine are better.  I use the protein powder, cashew milk, coconut oil, cinnamon, and half a frozen banana.  Fast and easy.

Instead of a full size blender, I use a cheap personal blender (around $15) which is fast and easy to clean.


I must have 3 or 4 of these things at different places I have lived.  You can make the shake and drink from the blender.  It even has a travel lid.

Another advantage of the shakes is getting more protein and calories quickly and easily.  If you eat a raw food diet, you may find yourself getting bored crunchy on lettuce all day.


But who knows?  You’re not me.  I can tell you that if you do choose to go vegan, you will probably feel better.

~ Chaz Lamm