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Hildegard Gmeiner Course - YOUR UNIVERSE YOUR WAY
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Hildegard Gmeiner

Inspirational Speaker, Intuitive Awareness Consultant, Journalist, Writer & Poet



Lesson 1: Living By Default

TITLE: I am a Creator

In this module we will discover, how each human being is already creating her/his very unique reality on a daily basis.

The situations we are currently finding ourselves in, the good, bad and the ugly, are our individual creations.

Be it we sometimes create consciously, sometimes we are unconscious of what and how we are creating our very unique life experiences/universe.

OBJECTIVE: The participant is gaining new insights into how s/he has been actively creating her/his reality. S/he experiences confrontations with established ways of being, self-perceptions and opens up to new possibilities.

DESCRIPTION: After a short overview of the series, we explore new ways of looking at how our current life experiences came about. We analyse which aspects of life are currently satisfying and happy making and what is missing. We begin to create a strategy to take conscious measures into the direction of transforming what is currently not satisfactory.


TITLE: A Drop of Consciousness

OBJECTIVE: The goal for this session is to aid the participant to become mindful of their main inner drivers, and the potential gaps between the head and the heart. We learn to experience ourselves beyond the visible, logical perception of self. Mind only recreates, yet cannot innovate. This session will all about bridging gaps in understanding of Self.

DESCRIPTION: We will be exploring how our Inner & Outer Dialogs determine how we view ourselves, the world around us, and how it colors our inner decision-making processes.

Most of us are very familiar with the software of our devices and technology; yet know very little about our inner workings. This session is designed to expand self-awareness about our inner programming.


TITLE: Universal Beings & Universal Laws

OBJECTIVE: The goal here is to become open to the possibility of a human being more than just physicality. Physical sense perceptions, as well as soul-sense perception are equally important, yet easily dismissed by the logical mind. In this lesson we bring about expanded understanding of how soul-sense perception can improve our physical life experiences. Understanding one’s inner decision-making processes is crucial to living a fulfilled, joyous, healthy and balanced life.

We will further discuss Universal Laws & their impacts on our daily life.


TITLE: Universal Being & Universal Laws – Fear Illusions and Self-Sabotaging Effects of Beliefs in Separateness

OBJECTIVE: The goal is for the participant to get a glimpse of her/him being a universal receiver / transmitter imbedded in a vast ocean of consciousness.

Hence the logic and the possibilities arising from shifts in self-perceptions become apparent, and an opening can be created for soul-wisdom to guide us.

DESCRIPTION: Perception of what we believe to be our reality differs. Everyone is experiencing different realities. This session explores how we define our reality and ourselves. We explore the limitations of our physical senses, and consider the form and manner in which input coming from our soul-senses, can be recognized and utilized to bring about desired outcomes.


Hildegard’s professional background is in languages, international trade and broadcast journalism. In her early thirties, during a couple of near-death experiences, a soul-essence exchange occurred, bringing about a massive shift in her conscious awareness and forever, shifting every aspect of the life she had previously been living.

In seemingly split seconds, she was able to experience her 3D-life, as well as other realities simultaneously. Hildegard experienced herself as pure conscious awareness.

Since then Hildegard’s soul-sense perceptions and abilities developed rapidly. This enabled her not only regain her health, against all medical prognosis of the day, yet it allowed her to raise her four, now grown, children.

Therefore, Hildegard developed deep trust in the wisdom coming from her soul-self and is now sharing her insights in workshops, webinars, and through inspirational lectures, on and off line, as well as in her writing. She is a regular columnist in ‘A Beautiful Life’ magazine.

Hildegard sees all human beings as geniuses, who have unique gifts and talents. To consciously utilize them, one must learn to live guided by one’s soul guidance and embark on one’s unique journey of Self-Discovery.

Her Intuitive Awareness Consulting Services are designed to support her clients in this process.

Her book “Never Enough – The Story of a Planet Reborn” is schedule to be published his year, as well as her first book of poetry and her ‘how-to-book’, titled “Your Universe Your Way.”

You can reach Hildegard at