Homework is an important way for students to reinforce skills, develop study habits, and support the District’s efforts to create lifelong learners.  The purpose of homework is to help students become independent learners and develop effective study skills as well as a sense of confidence and success in their learning.  Homework falls into four basic categories:

•Practice and reinforcement of lessons

•Preparation-gathering of resources and review

•Applying and expressing concepts in a new way

•Extending knowledge and skills in an in depth manner

Homework should be appropriate to the student’s age and grade.  It should be purposeful and related to school learning experiences.  Homework should be completed in a timely fashion.  Teachers shall communicate homework expectations in a clear and effective manner and assess homework to provide feedback to students.  Concepts can be taught and reinforced through home assignments and extended beyond specific assignments.

Students have responsibilities in regard to homework beginning with clarifying the assignment when it is given.  Students need to take home the necessary materials for the completion of the work and complete assignments neatly and on time.  Homework should be completed independently unless otherwise specified.  Students may seek assistance from peers or parents if needed.

Parents should provide guidance, encouragement, and help as needed.  Parents should monitor homework in terms of the amount of time a student is spending on homework and should help students budget time for homework, rest, recreational activities and time to be with the family.  Parents need to help students identify a study environment at home and provide proper materials and minimum interruptions.  Any concerns regarding homework should be communicated to the teacher.

Adopted: April 16, 1998

Reviewed: May 3, 2012