Signs of Having a Slab Leak

A slab leak is a water leak that shows up in a plumbing pipe either located in the foundation of the house or buried below it. It's an extremely difficult problem just for the logistics of reaching the pipe to fix the water leak. It's likewise troublesome due to the fact that identifying a slab leakage is really tough for the very same factors that reaching it to take care of the leakage is hard. Below are 3 indicators of having a Lubbock slab leak.

Increased Water Costs

There will be a substantial boost in the water costs with a slab leakage. It will only become bigger in time also. So, if the quantity of ones water expense has actually gone up a whole lot and there is no other evident factor, a slab leakage could be the reason.

Damp Areas and Hot Areas on Floors

If the slab leakage happens in a hot water pipe, there most likely will be hot spots on the flooring over it. This occurs with cold-water pipes also, though cool areas can be far more hard to identify. Depending upon the conditions, one could additionally see little damp areas developing, or perhaps a whole puddle where no puddle ought to be developing.


Noises could usually be difficult to hear when they're hidden below the slab of the foundation, they can be difficult to listen to too. Yet if you listen to a trickling noise or perhaps the noise of running water where you would not anticipate it, a slab leakage might be the resource..