Last Updated 5/27/2020

WSHS Student Organizations 

Grade Level Organizations

Graduating Class

Room for Meeting

Twitter Account and Sponsors

Class of 2021

2202 or 2216


Mrs. Campbell

Mrs. Day

Class of 2022



Ms. King

Mr. Geck

Class of 2023



Megan Smith

Jesse DeStacy

Michele Karnbach

Class of 2024

VHSL Activities


Staff Sponsor

About the Activity

Creative Writing

Debate Team

Ms. Falgiano

Competitive Public Forum style debate team - monthly tournaments - a great way to learn research and argumentation skills.

Drama Club/Thespians

Ms. Cooper

Twitter: @wshs_theatre

Instagram: @wshs_theatre_

Students interested in becoming more involved with drama club can meet and interact with members of the Thespian Society to learn more about areas of theatre.

(generally once a month 2:30; watch announcements for official dates)

Future Business Leaders of America

Ms. Tramel

Mr. Mabry

FBLA is a student organization for those students currently in a Business Course to give them an opportunity to grow their interests on a local, state, and national level.

Forensics Team

Ms. Falgiano

Competitive Public Speaking events - monthly tournaments - event options range from  interpreting published poetry and prose to writing your own persuasive speech


Mr. Castro


Competitive STEM based team that focused on building robots.  

Valkyrie Newspaper

Mr. Trott

VHSL Eddas

Mr. Trott

VHSL Scholastic Quiz Bowl


Mrs. Owsiany


Students enrolled in Photojournalism meet 2 times per month after school to edit and revise the yearbook pages that they created in class.

Honor Societies

Honor Society

Staff Sponsor/Social Media

Requirements for Entry

ASL Honor Society

French Honor Society

Mrs. Nkenni

Enrolled in French III or Above,

 A – average in French for last three (3) semesters (A, A, B) (A, A, B+)

B – average in all other classes not counting French

German Honor Society

Italian Honor Society

Professoressa Ippolito

Enrolled in Italian III or Above, A-average in Italian for last 3 semesters (A, A, B/B+)

B- Average in all other classes NOT counting Italian

National CTE Honor Society

National English Honor Society

Mr. Williard

Support the continued development of WSHS English culture through Viking Learning Center tutoring, support of English extracurriculars, and celebrating reading and writing events.

National History Honor Society

Miss Terrill


National Honor Society

Mrs. Swain

NHS is dedicated to service leadership. Juniors and Seniors with a 3.4 GPA or above and have stellar recommendations by faculty. Students must complete service hours each year to maintain membership.

National Math Honor Society

Mr. Eberly

Mu Alpha Theta is the National High School Mathematics Honor Society. Mu Alpha Theta is dedicated to "inspiring keen interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics" in high school students.

Science National Honor Society

Mr. Kavjian

Juniors and seniors with a “B” average in 3 or more science classes, Overall GPA ~3.5 and application by deadline.

Spanish National Honor Society

Mrs. Korgan

Enrolled in Spanish III or above, overall gpa and Spanish gpa requirements as well.

Tri-M Music Honor Society

Ms. Wood

School and community music support. Open to students enrolled in a music class. Must meet certain academic criteria to be considered. Must also be a 10th-12th grader and enrolled in a music class.

Student Led Clubs


Staff Contact/Social Media

About the Club/ Meeting Times

Viking Learning Center

Ms. Terrill


The Viking Learning Center (VLC) offers peer tutoring in all subjects during Flex periods on Even Days. Tutors for the VLC and honors’ society members are available to help clients master the material taught in their courses. The VLC is located in the Faculty Lounge and is open during Flex Periods for any student to attend.

Viking Scholars

Mrs. Kathleen Hugh

Peer tutoring in math, english, social studies, and science. Starts In October.

Art Club (11th &12th)

Mr. Rozelle

Painting school murals, art related activities

Anime Club

Mrs. Campbell

Watch and discuss Anime shows, occasional drawing contests.

Aviation Club

Mr. DeFelice

Students Interested in aviation. Mr. Scott Kenney, instructor from the Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM), will lead demonstrations, discussion, and hands-on activities dealing with aviation maintenance and other related topics.  The club meets from 2:30 to 4:00 PM.

Black Student Union

Ms. Evans


Black Student Union focuses on cultural awareness and acceptance.  Activities are geared toward education centered on minority issues and ways to dismantle bias/prejudice.  Students of all diverse backgrounds are invited to participate as cultural inclusion is best achieved when all voices are at the table. Honor cords are available for students who take on leadership roles in the club.

Carpentry Club

Mr. Soresino

Carpentry club members will have an opportunity to work with wood and metals to create a variety of products for themselves, their families and friends. Members are encouraged to challenge themselves by developing independent projects that require the use of both manual and automated equipment.

Ecology Club

Mrs. Evans

Members are dedicated to reducing our footprint on a local and regional level by engaging in activities that support recycling, conservation and greener living mindset.  Ecology club focuses on partnerships in the Woodbridge community that fosters the mission of ecological awareness.

Educators Rising

Mrs. Lazo

Meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Students will participate in extension of the Teach for Tomorrow class curriculum.   It is open to all grade levels who are interested in being in the class in the future or already in the class.  Students can earn an honor cord for participation in club meetings (twice monthly), helping with fundraising, and attending state conferences.

Disciples of the Calvary

Mrs. Korgan


Students living our faith in Christ through discipleship, building friendships, and making connections with our school, community, and the world. Meetings EVERY Thursday after school until 3:30.

Italian Club

Professoressa Ippolito

Students interested in the Italian Culture. It is open to all grades levels. Meetings are on the last Tuesday of each month right after school.

JROTC Viking Battalion Teams:

Color Guard, Marksmanship,Drill,  J-LAB

LTC (Ret.) Burnette

1SG (Ret.) Jackson

Cadets of the WSHS Department of Military Science  JROTC Program are eligible to try out and/or join teams throughout the school year. The teams are coached by the instructors but cadets are the leadership of the teams.  The purpose of the teams are to build teamwork, mental stamina, have fun becoming leaders, and build confidence during the competition season. Meeting time is 2:20 to 3:50 PM

JROTC Raider Team and Marksmanship

1SG (Ret.) Jackson

LTC (Ret.) Burnette

Team membership requires cadets to be physically fit in order to compete against other JROTC programs. There are two tryout phases in October and April. The purpose of the Raider team is to build teamwork, mental and physical stamina, have fun as leaders, and build confidence during the competition season. Marksmanship team membership requires completing an application, passing a safety class, and qualification on the indoor range. The objectives of this marksmanship training program are to teach cadets how to handle guns safely, how to perform the basic skills of the sport of target shooting, and to give you the fundamental knowledge necessary to begin competing in three-position rifle competitions as a member of a JROTC or high school rifle team. Meeting time is 2:20 to 3:50 PM

Key Club

Mrs. Evans


Community service club focused on the service of children locally, regionally and internationally.  Key club is also responsible for providing food, school supplies and clothing assistance through the Viking Pride Pantry for Woodbridge families. Students can earn a service honor code associated with the parent Kiwanis International Service organization.

Latinos for Success

Senora Perez

Provide guidance and opportunities for students of Hispanic heritage on their path to success in education and careers after high school. The club aims to foster contacts with Spanish-speaking communities in Prince William County by creating meaningful service projects and field trips.

RODD club

Ms. Parente

After school club for students with disabilities, through which students with disabilities and students without disabilities participate in activities. The club aims to build social skills.

Rotary Interact Club

Mr. Johnson

Interact is a Rotary-sponsored service club for youth who want to connect with other young people, while serving their communities and learning about the world.

“Mi Club Cultural de Espanol”

Sra Lowe

Sra Montes de Oca

Students will further their study and use of the Spanish language  and its culture.

Muslim Student Union

Mr. DeStacy



Make Your Own


Clothing LIne

Students learn how to make their own clothing/cosmetic line.

Photo Club

Mrs. Petropulos

Photo Club will meet every Thursday. We will take photos for fundraising and workshops for staff and students.

Technology Student Association

Mr. DeFelice


The Technology Student Association enhances personal development, leadership, and career opportunities in STEM, whereby members apply and integrate these concepts through intracurricular activities, competitions, and related programs.

Technology Team/Podcasting Club

Ms. Fielding

Student group for the promotion of digital literacy and citizenship at WSHS.

Viketones & Treblettes

Mr. Shapiro



Student-run coed Acappella group performing today’s hit music.

Student-run female Acappella group.

Woodbridge Gamers

Mrs. Peschka

Students who are shy and can communicate while gaming.

Yu-Gi-Oh Club

Mr. Kavjian

We get together and play Yu-Gi-Oh for 1-2 hours