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77.48 Talent
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77.48 Talent

1015. I’m embarking on a 14 day self imposed diabetes fighting regimen in anticipation of my next checkup.  It will entail fasting for 18 hours a day, from 6 pm to 12 noon each day.  Food will start with my vegetable soup, and then fresh fruit.  On days when I go to the gym, I will add a post-workout protein shake.  When my blood sugar is consistently under 100, I will add sweet potatoes and if I can handle it, pasta.

1016. I need to start handling mail only 1 time.  If it needs to be saved, scan it and toss.

1017. You don’t have to choose between being Buddha and being a bad ass.  You can be both, and most of us are.  In the same vein, I don’t have to choose between computer and paper for my drafts.  I can use any method available.

1018. To achieve maxIBM*, you must bury your past fears.  Attachment to people, places, and goals will hinder us.  No attachments.

1019. When you make peace with your IBM* nature, you are in full compliance with your needs and wants that you determined without pressure from society.  Nothing anyone says or does bothers you, and no negativity can pierce your veil of happiness.  When people no longer suit your needs, move on.

1020. FU Status.  Live without fear or wants.  Be immune to criticism or praise from the outside.

1021. People and society in general defines introversion as a lack of something.  Not extroverted, for example.  Since so called American values line up with extroverts, as introverts, not enjoying those traits must mean that we are denying ourselves pleasure.  We are expected to think on our feet, on the fly, but we think best when we are calm and still.  When introverts sense imminent invasion, we shut down to protect our inner resources.  We are naturally attracted to the world of concepts, ideas, and inner experiences.

1022. The term introverted has no real meaning to shrinks independent of extroverts.  To them, we lack some extrovert traits.  When you have no independent language to describe introversion, people stop seeing us.  It will not merely become unspoken, but unspeakable.  IBM* will seize the language.  In Jung’s theory, introversion and extroversion are opposites, but each is viable in its own right.  When our selfie culture devalues introversion, we lose access to a vital life force, and we feel a little sick.  When we try to adapt and act extroverted, it feels fake and dangerous.

1023. As the 77 days progress, I have to decide which items I’m tracking should be a part of my rituals.  Remember that I can change only myself.  Not others.  I can demonstrate how choices like a vegan diet help me live a healthier and morally superior life.  Avoid any situations where I have to get others to change their behavior to get something I want.  

1024. With the anonymous nature of digital communication, I’m sure you have noticed the death of civility and the decline of morality.  With ethics and politics, calm discussions are not the norm, even on the evening news.

If you look at Fox News and move to CNN or MSNBC, you will believe you are not in the same country.  Shrill.  Nasty.  And even Members of Congress using defamatory language not seen since the 1860s.

Social media began as a way to share your day with your friends.  Now it’s a way to insult and rag on relatives.  It’s unreal when young women get bullied online and decide to slash their wrists.

1025. Why Goals Suck

As I develop my new blog, I am finally getting it.  All of these annual or five year plans, as well as New Year’s Resolutions, hurt more than help.

I have to go Stoic.  We get one day at a time.  If I plan today and execute the plan, I am one full day closer to my vision.

The trouble with goals is deadlines.  Productivity experts spend time telling you to overschedule, cram a year’s worth of work into 12 weeks, or do 10X of everyone else.  Deadlines create a failure point.

If you instead have a vision and are moving toward it, how can you fail except by dying?

The path to your life’s vision or potential legacy will never be linear.  You will have setbacks and probably even adjust you ultimate destination.

My solution is the Walkabout Solopreneur.  This combines an Australian aborigine right of passage with making an individual recurring income online.  When fully operational, I will be able to travel the world at will which is my vision - Perpetual Traveler.

What I am doing is learning from the real walkabout and moving from young to old, and from the Outback to the digital world.

or from Crockadile Dundee:

Here’s a better definition:

“Historically speaking, the walkabout is a rite of passage in which young (adolescent) Aboriginal Australians undertake a journey that will help “transform” them into adults. The journey is usually made between the ages of 10 and 16. During this journey which can last for up to six months, the individual is required to live and survive all alone in the wilderness.”


As an IBM (Introvert Boomer Male), it’s a bit late for a rite of passage in the traditional sense, but I believe I need a passage to a new lifestyle for our modern world.  To become a perpetual traveler and to go walkabout, you need a recurring income and the ability to make money 24/7 anywhere in the world.

1026. John McCain’s “Legacy”

“POWs from the Vietnam War are not heroes. They are not heroes because they had no business going to Vietnam and bombing, destroying, maiming, burning, disfiguring, injuring, and killing for the U.S. government. They are not heroes because they traveled halfway around the world to fight an unjust, immoral, and unnecessary war against people they didn’t know who were no threat to them, their families, or the United States. I can be no blunter than Fred Reed: “There is no honor in going to someone else’s country and butchering people you don’t know because some political general, which is to say some general, told you to; A hit man for the Mafia is exactly as honorable.”

“The real heroes during the Vietnam War were not POWs. The real heroes were those who refused to take part in the crime of Vietnam.”


Not exactly.  A hitman for the Mafia has a specific target, and that target is being killed for a reason.

When I served as a Foreign Service Officer in the State Department, I had to play the Ambassador during War Games like Team Spirit in Korea.  God help him if he had to drag his ass out of bed at 4:00 in the morning and get to the bunker.

Air, sea, and ground forces come in from all over Asia.  These are precisely the exercises that upset the North Koreans so much.

This is a high level exercise where 1-star generals fetch coffee.

I can say without out a doubt that these military officers are intelligent, well-trained, willing and capable of defending the United States in case of attack.  

The Korean War is still officially on.  An armistice was signed but never a peace treaty.  The North Koreans attacked the south in 1950.  If Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump continue to play nice, maybe we will finally have that halt to the war.

I have never bought John McCain’s bullshit history.  During captivity, he broke.  No dishonor there.  I would break in 5 minutes.  But that doesn’t make you a hero.

“The best way to never be a POW is not to avoid being captured by the enemy. The best way to never be a POW is to not fight foreign wars for the U.S. government. And since the vast majority of what the U.S. military does is offense not defense, the best way to never be a POW is to stay out of the military in the first place.”

As a Senator, McCain blocked investigations into whether any POWs and MIAs were left behind.

Also, he never met a foreign war he didn’t like.

To his credit, he was one of the few voices to speak out against torture from Bush 43 to Trump.

That said, I hope someone up there can forgive you for all your senseless killing from above in Vietnam, and your aiding and helping send others to kill in foreign lands where innocent victims did not know us or harm us.

1027. IKORs

An IKOR is simply and independent contractor.  And you are likely to become one soon.

Companies in the future are going to have more and more trouble justifying the need for employees over IKORs.  Unless you are employee owned (ESOP), why pay for coffee breaks, vacations, sick leave, or health care?

And forget about OSHA regulations, retirement contributions, or unemployment benefits if you need to fire someone.

There’s no union.  You, as a company, are not obligated to provide training, computers and equipment and tools to do the job, or benefits of any kind.

Loyalty?  Yeah right.  Loyalty and lifetime employment went out in the 60s.  

Temps, IKORs, and subcontractors:

1. Never ask for a raise.

2. Never take a vacation, holiday, or sick leave day.

3. Never cost you a dime when they use their smartphones or social media.

4. Never cost you for unemployment insurance, workers comp, or Social Security copays.

5. Never cost you fringe benefits (up to 30% of employee compensation).

6. Never fails to deliver.  Or the next contract is not there.

The poster child for this new “gig economy” is Uber.

That doesn’t mean that entrenched forces like city governments and disgruntled workers are not fighting back.  Someone’s ox is always being gored, especially investors who paid millions for a NYC taxi medallion.

But a better model will win out eventually.

For drivers, Uber offered “no shifts, no boss, no limits”.  Drivers clock in and out when they choose.  No one tells you when you take a coffee break or how long you can hang out at lunch.

Ever since trade guilds gave way to factory jobs, individuals of dreamed of de-cogging themselves from the assembly line to escape the mind-numbing rigidity and conformity of the job.

As an IBM, we had great jobs in the 70s with full benefits like retirement plans and amazing health care.  Not so for millenials.

Younger people rank flexibility over cash bonuses, the desire to work their own hours, and work-life balance over job quality.  Who would want to hire based on these demands?

Companies hire employees to help their owners and manager make company dreams come true.

Given what both sides desire, being an IKOR is the only logical solution.

Using the tax laws to your advantage, and IKOR can and should form an LLC or Corporation to cover all business related expenses and available benefits.  There are so many legal deductions you will need a week with your accountant to learn them all.

Compared to when IBMs were getting started in the workforce, millennials have all the tools they need to start a business on their tablets and smartphones.  There was no way in the past to strike out on your own with a cloud based Internet business and start earning money today with no investment.

Even for professionals, there is no need to join a firm to have them take care of your office space, phones, bookkeepers, receptionists, and benefits while you build a clientele that technically belongs to the firm, not you.

Ask any doctor or lawyer who leaves his job.

Who needs a receptionist when a customer or client can leave a voicemail, or better yet text you a message?

Who even needs office overhead when you can take your laptop to any Starbucks or McDonald’s and work online in the cloud via free wifi?

When I travel to South Florida, I often run into an old friend at Barnes & Noble in Coral Springs.  Thirty years ago, we shared office space as young lawyers.  Working that way, we each took care of our overhead like phones, legal secretaries, copiers, and the like.

[I notice that most private tutors use B&N as their offices.  Good idea.  Students can come to them one after another instead of to private homes.]

Even though he maintains an office in Hollywood, he also sees clients in the bookstore if it’s more convenient for both parties.  

Files once located in paper format in drawers in the courthouse and main attorney office are now sent online by email.  Especially all the bullshit paper like Notices of Appearance and the like.

Important files can be encrypted and upload and accessed from any location.

What I do with any paper I get at home, like receipts for payments I’ve made, or even old photographs, is to scan them into the computer and upload them to a free cloud file storage service and to a portable hard drive.

All of my files now reside on a drive about the size of a deck of cards, with backup copies in the cloud.  Now I have access to my life anywhere in the world.

Back to the issue of jobs.  If you have any unique skills to solve problems for others, you should probably be online.  Many have great computer skills and social media contacts that can be parlayed into dollars.

You want to be a remote talent for mainstream companies that need technical help.  That way, you can do what you love and leave the rest to others.  

Remote talent sounds so much better and expensive than freelancer.

As an introvert, another advantage of being remote talent is that I don’t have to get along in someone else’s corporate culture.  People being people, no employment is totally free of intra-office politics and PC bullshit.

I tend to be crude.  I can’t imagine what corporate HR feminists and me-too activists could do to me.  Eventually, every non-gay male might be run out of the workforce.

1028.  True Freedom in an Unfree World

As time goes on, IBMs* have watched as our freedom to be left alone has slowly disappeared.  Technology has made it dead simple for the NSA to record every single word you say on a smartphone and every keystroke on your computer or in your email.

America may have a few brave souls left, but it is hardly the land of the free.

A few people manage to live off the grid, like Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, but I’m not even sure how that could be managed in 2018.

As Harry Browne defined it years ago:

“Freedom is the opportunity to live your life as you want to live it.”

What a simple and elegant concept.

Now, many assaults on individual freedom come from without, like friends, family, churches, and government.  But just as many come from within as we make stupid decisions in our lives and construct our own prisons.

Fortunately, we have the power to recognize these traps and take action to free ourselves.

For most of us, freedom remains a pleasant fantasy, a vision for the future.  We also suffer from “what ifs”.  

What if I had married a different person?

What if I had gone to medical school instead of law school?

What if I had moved to Thailand 20 years ago?

That last one is a huge regret. Anyone who has visited Bangkok knows what I mean.

The unfree person can never give up his urge for freedom,  He can blame his problems on his family, job, society, or government. From time to time, half ass attempts are made to break free from his unsatisfying life situation.

So many people go about attempting to gain freedom by convincing others to set them free.  Futile.  The government is not going to set you free.  Your family is not going to let go voluntarily.  And your church has no interest in parishioners thinking for themselves.

To gain freedom, many individuals turn to political or social action.  Join a protest.  Create an online petition.  Get on the Dr. Phil Show.

We have reached a point in the United States where group action is only a form of suppression, not freedom.  You may have occasional small victories, but for the most part, SJWs are out to strip you of your rights.

There has to be a better way.  There is.  But it may require moving abroad to a country where government is less intrusive, people mind their own business, and nobody cares who you are.

You can free yourself without changing the world.  In fact, it requires that you don’t give a shit about so called problems like global warming or social injustice.

You can live a free life no matter what others decide to do.

You may be wondering how you can escape and live free when you have responsibilities to family, friends, church, and maybe your job.  Even the government wants you to live a false narrative that fits their purpose of extracting as much money as possible in taxes.

Freedom is possible - if you really want it.

You can no longer be a pussy working your ass off to allow others to pursue their dreams at your expense.

I don’t know which issues are holding you down.  Do you need freedom from family problems, or ill health?  Are high taxes and government repression attempting to strip you of a lifetime of financial success when you need that money most?

You will never gain freedom by joining, marching, picketing, or complaining.  All of these methods rely upon changing the attitudes and actions of others. What you need are methods over which you have complete control.

If you’re not free now, it’s probably because you’ve been preoccupied with people or institutions you feel have restrained your freedom.  I don’t expect you to stop worrying just because I say you should.

One reason you have not acted up to now is you have been unaware of the alternatives available to you.

The second reason you’re not free is because you’ve accepted without challenge common social assumptions that restrict your freedom.

It’s easy to lose sight of the freedom finish line.  Actually, the line is constantly moving, and you must stay vigilant.