The Raptors

by Duncan Jones

Perched upon a rock

And scanning far across the land

With eagle eyes the hawk

Was locked on every grain of sand

And every leaf, and every blade of grass

And every single ant

For the hawk was in another class

Saw what others simply can’t

Perched high up in a tree

And searching all across the ground

Like a hawk the eagle watched to see

What never could be found

All the hidden and invisible

All the camouflaged and gone

To the eagle this was typical

As if by him it had been drawn

Sailing through the cloudless sky

On outstretched giant wings

Thrived the vulture in the hot and dry

On the hunt for sweet, poor things

All the lost and all the tired

All those weakened by the sun

Until he saw what he desired

And it was time for one more run

And far above the others

Was the falcon ready, set

Of his unliked, distant brothers

He was the faster threat

So he looked around and waited

Unseen, up there, aware

So calm and calculated

Soon diving through the air

Then in the distance, far away

A hare moved unconcerned

And one by one he made their day

And the raptors slowly turned ...

There was dancing, dodging, racing

As the hare was put to test

There were outstretched talons chasing

But the hare that day was best

Yes despite the raptors' effort

He escaped those dangerous four

And the vulture, falcon, eagle, hawk

Were all left feeling poor

Then later in the evening’s cool

When recovered from his foul

Again, the hare moved unconcerned

While toward him swooped the owl

It’s a lesson known forever

Certain as the wolf will howl ...

The eyes in the grass are watching

And no one ever sees the owl