This is long, but please read through.  There is a lot of important information throughout.

First, thanks again to everyone who came out last night to run, volunteer, or justs cheer on the runners at the Niceville Sunset Stampede.  It was a fun evening in spite of the scary weather that blew in and out before the event.  Pictures from the event are on our team facebook page Please “Like” our page if you haven’t already.  Also, If you haven’t seen the results, they are available at

Second, we have out final wal-mart donation day Sunday July 28.  Deann will be out of town so we need a parent coordinator as well as one parent to supervise each shift along with 4 students to work each shift.  Just as last time, all volunteers will receive a $25 credit towards their team fees. Please sign up for only one shift for now and if additional spots are available later, we will open them up to anyone.  Link to sign up  As usual if you can’t sign up on the sheet please message me and I will add you.

We will also be selling custom socks at Open House/Schedule Pick Up on August 8 from 9 - 12:30.  Sign up for that is on the same sign up sheet above. We do not need any parents for this.

Third, other important info & dates

Fourth, and sadly…

Thursday after finishing running at Turkey Creek we had a number of athletes, both male and female, decide to jump into the creek off of a bridge where it is posted “Danger.  No jumping.  If you do you may be banned from the park.”  Guess what?  Yup, they were seen and reported to the park staff by multiple people. Jumping from these bridges is dangerous as the water is shallow and someone could very easily get hurt badly.  Turkey Creek has a Niceville PD officer on staff and he informed me that if he had seen the students jumping from the bridge he would have charged them with trespass.  This is the second time since May that I have been contacted by the park staff due to the poor behavior of our team.  Last time was on account of a mud fight that left the boardwalk a mess which park staff had to clean up which resulted in the boys team not being allowed to run at Turkey Creek for over a month.  Moving forward, I have decided we will no longer be practicing at Turkey Creek as a team.  

Being a member of the cross country team is a privilege. We are representatives of our school and our community. We will be traveling overnight many times this season and I expect exceptional behavior from our team on these trips.  Going forward, any student-athlete who makes poor choices at school/practice/in the community will not be going on these trips and a second offense will result in removal from the team.  While all of this information is being provided to the students and I will talk with them Monday, please take a moment to talk with your student.

Coach LaFollette