Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


CORE mention: https://soundcloud.com/scott-johnson-27/core-105#t=13:59

Splood is the greatest champion this world has ever known. It’s said he once saved an orphanage. It’s said he can even defeat Diablo all by himself. No matter, looking like a half-inflated water balloon, the great Splood rolls his way across the Nexus in pursuit of glory and victory against his archnemesis - Smeg Maw.

Jeff’s Choices





Trait- “Splood Squish”

Everyone knows that Splood is the most powerful OP hero to ever enter the nexus. If Splood was president he would be president of the world with a 99% approval rating only tarnished by the disapproval from the other heroes in the nexus. His power is so great, but he doesn’t forget how he got there in the first place- with the help from others, and he wants to repay the favor. Splood has found that with the unique use of his shape (water balloon that rolls around the nexus) he is able to help other players with their positioning. This trait allows other Heroes in the nexus to click on Splood, jumping on him and allowing them to bounce a great distance in the direction they are traveling. Basically giving them a Genji jump or Garrosh toss when they need it. Once used, each hero has their own cool down until they can use their jump off of Splood again.

Mount- Grows in size- moves faster

Q- “Slpood Spray”

The infamous Splood Spray echos in the minds of all heroes and players in the nexus. The sheer terror that this ability emits is legendary and will never be replicated. When activated, Splood will spray an enemy target with a waterfall of damage from his balloon body. This ability is in the shape of a cone in front of Splood and all targets hit with the spray take a large amount of damage over time. Players that are hit buy this also have the debuff “smelly.” This debuff will make the hero so smelly that other players will not be able to stand the stench of them- forcing all heroes to stay at a distance from the affected player for a short amount of time.

W- “Splood Slide”

When activated Splood will attach himself to another friendly hero giving them an additional ability to “Slide” This slide works like a guardian slide in Destiny allowing the player to activate it to slide on the ground for a short distance. This slide can pass through other heroes but not terrain. While riding the hero Splood is able to use all of his basic abilities and acts like an Abathur hat- but is referred to as the Splood Sombrero.

E- “Splood Syringe”

When riding a player as the Splood Sombrero if this ability if off cool down Splood will give the player a Syringe of the Special Splood Sauce that they can activate at any time to heal them for a portion of their health. The player can use this at any time even if Splood is not riding their hero. Untalented into only one Splood Syringe can be active at a time.

Heroic 1- “Splood Strike

One of the most iconic parts of Sploods lore was the “Battle of Bood” when Splood sieged the homeworld of the Zerg, Naga, Tauren and raided the innkeepers tavern 3 times all in one day.

Where this heroic is activated Splood will enter a water balloon siege mode and become a stationary water balloon launcher that can be used by the friendly team to fire upon the enemy. When transforming into this siege machine Splood splits himself into 5 Sploods ready to be launched. Friendly players can activate this launcher and aim a lobbed shot at the enemy that will explode dealing massive damage to all that are hit. When every Splood Shell lands on the battlefield it will explode and also emit a lingering Splood Spray that will debuf enemy players with Splood Spray if they come into contact with it.

Heroic 2- “Splood Splood!”

Muhhhhahahahahha! You don’t become the most powerful Hero EVER without defeating many heroes along the way, and Splood has done just that. This Heroic shows his TRUE POWER. In all of his Splood Splendor he will call upon the powers of the middle aged gods to Transform another hero on the battlefield into Splood’s evil twin Splurge. Splurge has all the abilities that Splood has- with the exception of his heroic. The player playing Splurge has a heroic called Eruption! When Splurge activates this he will explode in all his glory dealing massive AoE damage to the enemy and transform back to the hero they were before the transformation. Splurge will be active until the friendly hero activates this heroic and explodes!

Specialty Skin: Flubber Skin OR Dirty Sticky Ball

Dance: Splood splits into 3 water balloons and stacks himself in a snowman formation bouncing and doing body rolls.

Kristen’s Choices

The Splood ‘Tude






Off the Charts

No one could have foreseen just how powerful Splood was going to be during creation. His damage remains the highest anyone has ever seen. It’s considered legendary to most. To achieve such a feat, his damage is 0.5x higher than the highest damage dealer in the game. This means his damage output shifts based on if he needs to catch up to the top damage dealer or not.



The coolest way to roll around a battlefield.


A Great Evil

Splood rolls evilly toward his foes. Appearing to be an unassuming water balloon, he makes sure all understand the pain of being popped. Near to a foe, he unleashes a telekinetic blast on a target, dealing a large chunk of damage. This can be done in three short bursts.



Most of Splood’s foes never know what hits them. Gaining a fast burst of momentum, Splood shoots himself after a target enemy. If he hits them, they are blinded and feared as they try desperately to pull Splood off of their face.


        Rubber Meets the Road

Getting himself heated up, Splood’s body becomes a liquid rubber, sticking to up to three enemies, holding them together, and dealing damage over time. This can also be focused on one enemy and then sticks them to the ground.


The Greatest

Splood lowers his sunglasses. It’s time to get serious. Transforming the liquid inside of himself into nails, Splood becomes a mobile machine gun, rapidly firing nails out of his mouth at any enemies caught in the line of fire.


        Splood Spray

When truly tested, Splood knows the greatest sacrifice to his team is himself. Rolling into the middle of battle, he inflates himself until his balloon body bursts, showering the enemy in acidic goo that eats away at enemies with damage over time.


        Meat-splood or Splood-wad

                He rolls around the Nexus speaking words that are barely comprehensible.




When the mood strikes, he bounces to his own personal beat.