Cougar Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Cougar Campaign?


The Cougar Campaign is our top fundraising priority – and the fundraiser we ask EVERY family to support. The Cougar Campaign’s sole purpose is to ensure that the PTAC is able to keep our commitment to pay the salaries for our six Paraprofessionals.


I’d like to give to The Cougar Campaign, but I’m not comfortable with the amount suggested.  What should I do?


We want to emphasize that all donations are appreciated and confidential. Every family at NES is encouraged to give what they can, no matter the amount. We truly are grateful for any amount given. Our goal is to reach 100% participation, as 100% of our students are positively impacted by the instruction of paraprofessionals in the classrooms.


How do I give to The Cougar Campaign?

Giving is easy!


Write a check payable to the NES PTAC.  Your check can be mailed to NES (Attn: Cougar Campaign 8778 Morton Rd Niwot, Co 80503); send it to school with your child; hand it to your child’s teacher; or drop it in the Cougar Campaign box at the front office.


Donate Online.  The link to pay online through PayPal can be found by clicking on Cougar Campaign under the Fundraising Tab on the NES PTAC website ( or going directly to:


Why is The Cougar Campaign towards the beginning of the school year when I have so many other expenses for back-to-school?


During the first trimester of school, the Niwot Elementary PTAC asks you to INvest in NES’ educational excellence by making a donation that supports ALL of our students.  The money raised from The Cougar Campaign begins funding the Paraprofessional’s salaries immediately.



Can grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends give to The Cougar Campaign?


Yes! The Cougar Campaign runs through November this year, however donations are accepted and appreciated all year.  NES parents are encouraged to mention the campaign

to other family members and friends.  All donors will receive an email thanking them for their donation and providing a receipt for tax purposes.


How did the PTAC arrive at The Cougar Campaign suggested donation amount of $225 per family?


This number is based on three factors:  the 2017-18 PTAC budget, the anticipated enrollment at NES for the 2017-18 school year, and the history of participation.  We understand that some families can give more; others cannot give quite as much. Our required commitment to SVVSD to pay for the current six paraprofessionals this year has increased due to contract requirements. However, we feel that it is important to not increase the ask of our parents, therefore we are keeping with the traditional suggested amount of $225. We encourage all families to donate what they can to INvest in their child’s education.


I still have a question.  Who can I contact?


The PTAC Executive Board welcomes your questions and feedback.  Please feel free to contact one or all of us.  All discussions will be kept confidential.  Our contact info can be found here: