Design a symbol for ‘god’ and write an explanation of that symbol, referring to characteristics.



What is a leading question?  Write a definition and an example on paper or in your planner.



  1. Find an advert and analyse it for assumptions and leading questions or statements.  2) ‘The Creation story’ could be ‘the Creation’ myth, legend, fable, tale.  What would be the meaning/ connotation of each of these?  Extension:  Anselm’s argument for the existence of God is:  God is that than which there is nothing greater; existence is greater than non-existence, therefore God exists.  Can you find a flaw in this argument?


1st Oct

Revise logical fallacies.



Find out a story in the news which is to do with religion and politics.  The Middle East is fruitful – Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Israel/ Palestine.  So is Africa – Libya, Nigeria (Boko Haram), Sudan/ South Sudan.  Ireland and Brexit and sectarian division is also interesting.  Write a paragraph about your topic, including how religion is involved.  Make sure that you follow the standard point, evidence, explanation format.


29th Oct


5th November

What is euthanasia?  Is it legal in this country?  Where is it legal?

3rd December

Look at     Read all the cases, and compare with your cartoon sheet.  Come to the lesson ready to debate this topic.

Next lesson


Task: Produce a newspaper front page telling people who Guru Nanak is and what he is suggesting we change about society. It’s up to you to decide if he’s a great leader, whether people should follow him or is he a dangerous troublemaker. You should discuss how he has already influenced people and how his teachings influence people now and possible in the future.

Alternatively: Write a letter fulfilling the criteria above, to a friend outlining what you think the long term impact of Nanak’s teachings would be and whether you think they’ll be a good thing or not.



Challenge: Complete the questions on your prep worksheet

More Challenge: Complete more challenge options

Mega Challenge: Attempt the evaluation



Choose one of the below to complete:

Challenge: Create a poster on what the 5ks are and why they are important.

Further Challenge: If a Sikh joins the Khalsa and starts wearing the 5K’s, how will their life change? Explain and consider Will it be a positive or negative experience? Explain answers fully.

Mega Challenge: Should Sikh teenagers be allowed to wear the 5Ks to school?  Why/ why not? What problems might they come across? And how could these problems be resolved?



Challenge: Create your own flag for beliefs important to you (remember what I taught you about the significance of the Sikh Flag and the elements of it). In your flag come up with your own colors, symbols important to you and your beliefs

Further Challenge: Underneath your flag, explain the significance and meaning of it.

Mega Challenge: How does your flag compare to the Sikh flag?



Re-read the story of David and Bathsheba.

Task: Complete the different stages of feelings that David will be feeling through the story. Join the crosses with a line and the use the space to make comments/annotations on David’s feelings and relationship with God.

Extension: How is this story similar/different to the story of the Fall?



Artistic learner: Create a comic strip of your own modern story with the same meaning and teaching as David

Musical Learners: Write (and perform) a song, rap or poem of your own modern story which explains the same message and teaching of David. Include whether you as a group agree with the message.

Literacy Learners: Complete the following 6 mark GCSE style exam question.

‘We should always forgive people’ Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer, showing that you have thought about more than one point of view. Refer to Christian arguments in your answer

(6 marks) 



Revision notes/pages/mindmaps on two topics that we have studied so far.

  1. Sikhism
  2. Big Story I

Info on the summer exams info emailed to you. There are video clips too.

Please use your learning from elevate sessions to complete. I expect to see at least two pages of notes (1 for each topic) completed on the first lesson back.



Challenge: Find a case study of an ethical issue online/in the news (i.e. euthanasia, abortion, war, death penalty). Explain in a few sentences how an absolute and relative moralist would respond to the case study

Further Challenge: Explain your opinions on the case study

Mega Challenge: How does the case study link to the concepts of sanctity of life, quality of life and value of life? How?



Revise and prepare for your summer assessment