2019 “Christmas In Proctor Park" Guidelines

1. There will be no charge to the participant for a space to place a lighted display.

2. There will be no charge to those who drive by to view the displays.

3. Display must include lights. Electrical hook ups will be provided. Participants will need to provide extension cords from outlets to display. There will be no charge for electricity.

4. Participants are 100% responsible for maintaining their own display, making sure that it makes a good presentation throughout the season.

5. All participants will be asked to sign a disclaimer saying that they understand that the

California Area Chamber of Commerce and/or the City of California will not be responsible for theft,  vandalism, or any other act of harm to lighted displays.

6. The displays may be placed in the park between Friday, November 29*'’ (the day after

Thanksgiving) and Friday, December 6*'’. Lights will be turned on Saturday evening, December 7*'’ (parade date) and remain on each evening until Wednesday, January T*. All displays must be removed from the park by Saturday, January 4*'’.

7. Each display must include the name of the sponsor. Attractive signage should be made of a sturdy material (example, ply wood) that will withstand weather conditions.  The use of  banners and small yard signs are strongly discouraged.

8. Each spot will be approximately 25 feet in length.  Adjustments may be made as necessary to make sure everyone who wants to participate is given the opportunity.

9. Keep in mind that the street lights will be on throughout the park. Also, there will be

snowflake pole decorations on the street light poles. This will add to the safety and beauty of the park at night. Displays will need to be placed away from the street's edge for clear visibility.

 10. No blow-up decorations will be allowed.