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Magic & Mayhem - Character Creation Contest!
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Character Creation Contest!

Hosted by the Magic & Mayhem Room

Welcome to the Magic & Mayhem room! As you may already know, our room’s main focus is around magical and action packed stories. We’re the result of a merge between the Harry Potter and Superhero Central rooms, and we’re at you with an event to kick our new room off!

We’re hosting a SUPER cool event where you can create your very own character! Villain, Hero, or something in between - all are welcomed in the Character Creation Contest! Once you’ve looked over the info here and are ready to submit, head on over to our submission form!

Table of Contents (with clickable headings :O)

What Should My Entry Have?        2

Rules        3

Prizes        4

What Should My Entry Have?

Entries can be submitted here in the form of a Pastebin link or Google Doc (like this - be sure to change sharing settings to anyone can view!). Make sure the entry is organized in some fashion (maybe add some headers, separate your entry into paragraphs) so us judges aren’t reluctant to read it. If you make the judges happy, you will have a much easier time.

Every single entry must have the following parts:

However, if you want, you could add either (or both) of these optional aspects below! They will NOT factor into the judging, but may help us understand your character better, helping us to make a better decision overall.


As with every contest, there are a few rules everyone must follow. If you break one or more of these rules, your entry may be disqualified. So just follow the rules, please.

  1. All PS! Global Rules Apply. If it doesn’t follow PS! Rules, then don’t do it here. If this rule is broken, it’s an automatic disqualification.
  2. Foul Language is okay in moderation. We won’t pull a Captain America and yell “LANGUAGE!” at every no-no word. We’re cool with a few $@&!s here and there. After all, Deadpool exists. However, slurs are DEFINITELY not allowed. If you can’t say it on PS!, don’t say it here. If you have a question if you could use that word, the answer is no.
  3. Keep your content original. If we see plagiarized work or you obviously copied an existing character, that is an automatic disqualification. There’s a fine line between influence and plagiarism, and it’s up to the judges’ discretion if a decision must be made. However, we know there are many one-off characters that exist with all types of powers. You aren't expected to know them all! We won't disqualify if they share a power as long as the rest of your character is unique.
  4. One entry per person. We know you all have a bajillion OCs, but we judges only have so much time… we have lives outside of PS! too…
  5. Cap it at 5000 words. We love learning more about your characters, but there’s a point where things get tedious. Again, we judges have lives.
  6. Have fun! This is a great chance to have your imagination go completely wild. If you aren’t having fun creating your character, then you’re probably doing something wrong.


Ohh boy, here’s the juicy stuff. After all, there’s no event without a prize! Here are the possible things you might win from this!

if you are reading this, you lost the game