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Panther Extended Care Handbook

Liberty Hill Independent School District

Panther Extended Care Handbook


Bill Burden Elementary

Liberty Hill Elementary

Louine Noble Elementary

Table of Contents

Liberty Hill Independent School District        1

Statement of Commitment        3

ADA Policy        3

Activities your Child Can Expect        3

Snack        3

Contacting the Director        3

Absence Policy        3

Checking In and Signing Out procedures        3

Personal Belongings        4

Panther Extended Care Rules        4

Positive Discipline Measures        4

Disciplinary Consequences        4

Program Calendars        5

Liberty Hill ISD Staff Development Schedule        5

Early Release        5

Emergency Procedures & Inclement Weather Plan        5

Billing Procedures & Tuition Payments        6

Payment Options        6

Notice of Late Fees        6

Late Pick-up Fees        6

Child Care Expense Tax Reporting        6

Withdrawal from the Program        7

Statement of Commitment         

Panther Extended Care is a before and after school childcare program designed as a service to our community to provide our students a quality nurturing, safe, and respectful environment.

ADA Policy

Panther Extended Care will provide services to students with disabilities in the same form as which services are provided to other children of similar age, to a feasible degree.

We require parents to disclose serious medical, physical or behavioral information at the time of registration and as it arises throughout the year. Because of the larger size group arrangement, Panther Extended Care is not equipped to handle one-on-one care for children. Except for special circumstances, such as disciplinary, medical or specific personal issues, children will be in a large group setting where one-on-one care will be keeping our staff from effectively providing care to all other children.

Children with serious medical, physical or behavioral circumstances will meet with the Panther Extended Care Director to review the ADA policy.

Note: Panther Extended Care has the right to remove any student they deem to fall into the category of possessing a need that would require one-on-one attention.

Activities your Child Can Expect

While your child is attending Panther Extended Care, they will experience the utmost attention and care that Liberty Hill can offer. The staff will help children with homework, projects, and reading assignments. Children will be able to enjoy an afternoon snack and social time with friends. Games and crafts will help round out their day.


Panther Extended Care will provide an afternoon snack to each child. Children are allowed to bring snacks from home.

Contacting the Director

If you have questions regarding Panther Extended Care, please call the Director at 512-260-5582. Please provide a detailed message with name, phone number, child’s name and reason for the call. You may also send the Director an email at  

Absence Policy 

If your child is going to be absent from extended care for any reason, it is the parent’s responsibility to notify the director before 1:00 p.m. on the day of the absence. To notify the director, please send an email to, including the child’s name, birthday, and reason for absence.  Please note, because tuition is calculated on an annual basis, no refunds will be given due to absences.

Checking In and Signing Out procedures

A.M. Procedures: Students should be walked to the building entrance and a staff member will accept them and get them signed in each morning. Children are expected to stay in the designated areas unless accompanied by a staff member. Depending on the bus schedules, children will be escorted to the bus area if they attend Rancho Sienna Elementary, Santa Rita Elementary, Baw-W Elementary,  Liberty Hill Elementary or Louine Noble Elementary to get on the appropriate bus to the campus . Children who attend Bill Burden will be escorted to their designated area.  

All A.M. care that requires transportation will take 5 days processing time to allow the transportation department ample time to plan for additional students.

P.M. Procedures: Students should report to Panther Extended Care with all their belongings immediately after the school bell rings. Staff will take attendance daily. Children are expected to stay in the designated areas unless accompanied by a staff member. Children are only permitted to leave the campus when they have been properly signed out by a person previously approved in our portal by the parent/guardian. Once children have been signed out from extended care, they must leave the campus.

Parents or approved persons listed on the child’s account are required to come to the door of  the campus and a staff member will assist them in signing their child out each day. A staff member will positively identify the person who is picking up the child. Please note everyone who enters Panther Extended Care to pick up a child will need a valid picture ID.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Any child who has not been registered for Panther Extended Care will not be permitted to stay at Panther Extended Care. No drop-ins are permitted.

Personal Belongings 

No personal items from home should come to Panther Extended Care. The use of technology devices by students is strictly prohibited.

Students must have written permission from Panther Extended Care staff to bring items from home. Reward days that include permission to bring items from home will be communicated via staff. Panther Extended Care is not responsible for lost, stolen or broken items during extended care hours. Items left behind will be placed in a lost and found box. At the end of the month the lost and found items will be donated to a local charity.

Panther Extended Care Rules 

Children will be required to:

  1. Check in with the director/staff member upon arrival each day.
  2. Respect the property of the extended care program and the school.
  3. Report to a staff member if they are sick or hurt.
  4. Keep all personal items in their backpacks during extended care hours.
  5. Be safe, respectful and responsible.

Positive Discipline Measures 

Panther Extended Care is committed to providing a safe and fun atmosphere for children. Staff will work together with parents and children to create a cohesive environment. Panther Extended Care will follow the Liberty Hill Independent School District Handbook and the Code of Conduct, in addition to the Extended Care Handbook supplement. All three can be found at  

NOTE: Panther Extended Care, in an attempt to create a safe environment for all children, will consider a child who has been absent due to suspension, expulsion and/or placed in an alternative program within the district, to have forfeited their right to attend the Panther Extended Care Program for the duration of their absence and/or removal from the campus.

Disciplinary Consequences 

1st Offense: Parents/guardians will be contacted and plans will be made for immediate child pick up. The child will remain with a staff member until the parent/guardian arrives.

2nd Offense: 1-3 day suspension from Extended Care, based on the seriousness of the incident. At this time, there will be a conference between the Director, staff member and parent/guardian, followed by a written agreement that a 3rd offense could result in removal from the program.

3rd Offense: The Director will determine, based on review of all documentation, if removal from the program is necessary.

Each case will be handled with honesty and rationale. Please note that the main goal of Panther Extended Care is to provide a safe and effective after school program for each child enrolled while successfully preventing and resolving conflicts that may arise. In special circumstances, Panther Extended Care reserves the right to remove a child from the program if the Director deems it necessary and has followed protocol.

Should the director decide to remove a child from the program, the child is ineligible to re-enroll for the remainder of the school year.

Program Calendars 

Panther Extended Care runs in conjunction with the Liberty Hill Independent School District calendar year, which can be found at

Panther Extended Care will not be open on days that students are not scheduled to attend school.  We will be closed on all staff development and teacher work days. Please refer to the district calendar for dates.

Early Release        

Panther Extended Care will provide service on scheduled early release days. Care will begin immediately following dismissal until 6:30 p.m. If your child will not be attending on early release days, please notify the director via email

Emergency Procedures & Inclement Weather Plan 

Panther Extended Care is prepared to implement emergency procedures should the need arise. All staff have been trained on the correct procedures.

If inclement weather occurs during the course of the school day and school closes before the normal dismissal time, Panther Extended Care will not be provided. In this situation, parents will be responsible for picking up their child when school is dismissed or making other arrangements. If school does not open or is on a delayed start due to inclement weather, Panther Extended Care will also not be provided.  

Billing Procedures & Tuition Payments 

Liberty Hill Independent School District pledges to provide a world-class program at an affordable price. Tuition is based on the total number of days provided for the school year, then divided into ten equal monthly payments. It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to make sure that tuition is received on or before the first of the month. 

We do not anticipate a rate increase mid school year, however we reserve the right to change tuition rates when necessary and will notify participants at least 30 days in advance of any change.

Payment Options

For security reasons, payments will not be accepted at the extended care campus.

  1. Online 
  1. Click on the “Online Payment” button on the main page.
  2. Sign in and go to the “Parent Portal”.
  3. In the section titled “Registrations with a Balance”, click on the shopping cart and follow the directions.
  1. Mailed Payments –When paying by mail, do not send cash. Send either a personal check or money order. Checks should be made out to Liberty Hill ISD. If paying by check, please include your child’s name and birthdate on your check’s memo line. If you mail your payment and you wish you obtain a receipt, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment.  In order to ensure timely credit to your account, payments should be mailed no later than the 25th of the prior month to :

Liberty Hill ISD

C/O Panther Extended Care

301 Forrest Street

Liberty Hill, TX 78642

  1. In Person – Checks should be made out to Liberty Hill ISD. Payments can be made in person at our district office located at 301 Forrest Street, Liberty Hill, TX 78642.

For security reasons, payments will not be accepted at the extended care campus.

Notice of Late Fees

Payments received after the 3rd of the month will incur a $25 late fee. A $30 fee will be assessed for checks returned for insufficient funds, stopped payment or closed accounts. Three payment discrepancies (i.e. late payments, insufficient funds, etc.) will result in removal from the program.

Late Pick-up Fees

Children are expected to be picked up by an authorized person no later than 6:30 p.m. each day. If you pick your child up after 6:30 p.m. a late fee ($15 per 15-min increment) will be added to your next month’s statement. Please be advised that late pick up fees cannot be paid at the campus. If your child has not been picked up by 7:00 p.m., law enforcement will be notified.

Child Care Expense Tax Reporting 

Please note that according to IRS guidelines, child care recipients are required to keep accurate records regarding expenses paid.  Each time you pay tuition you will have an opportunity to obtain a receipt, please keep these for your records, the receipts are to be used for tax reporting purposes. Year-end statements can be found within the parent portal and printed at your convenience. For your records, the legal name of our association is: Liberty Hill Independent School District. Our taxpayer ID is 74-6001610. 

Withdrawal from the Program 

You must provide 30 days’ notice, in writing, should you wish to withdraw your child. If you withdraw after your monthly payment, the month will not be prorated or refunded. All notifications must be submitted to the Director at