On-Site Guide and Reference Book

“Morphing Dreams into Reality”

Table of Contents

Section One : Guidelines and Agreements for All

  1. The Who, What, When, Where, and How of Finca Morpho
  2. General Guidelines, Services around the area, and Things To Do
  1. 19 Agreements to keep resonance on the farm
  1. Eight areas of respect and Eight areas of responsibilities, a shorter verison of the living agreements
  1. Explanation of the Nonviolent communication process
  1. A list of feelings for both sides of the spectrum and inbetween
  1. Permaculture Ethics and 12 Principles

Section Two : Farm Protocols and Standards

  1. Description of the types of members of Finca Morpho
  1. Quick overview of the pillars with links to Pillar Master Workbook
  1. Basic explanation of the farm flow, intended schedule, and biodynamics
  1. Basic checklist to go over with new arrivals
  1. Basic walkthrough of meeting flows and roles
  1. Basic Checklist for monday maintenance
  1. Basic Checklist of Kitchen Guidelines and cleaning requirements
  1. Basic Checklist of cleaning and checking compost toilets
  1. Basic guidelines and checklist of the Resource Center
  1. Tool Accreditation Agreements and Walk-Through
  1. Checklist of assets approval mastersheet
  1. Chart displaying battery readings to know the battery levels and when to start the generator
  1. A guild on how to deal with wildlife in need of care
  1. Authentic Relating Manual and over 150 games
  2. Mini Versions of AR Games with 8 mini games to play
  3. Creating AR Community Manual
  1. About 20 Rainbow songs with lyrics, chords and sheet music

Section Three : Information for Roots, Trunks, and Twigs

(Not for Printed Copy On-Site)

  1. Rough Draft of 2019 Season Flow and Direction
  1. Budget, expenses, and where to record receipts
  1. Spreadsheet showing incoming guests and bed charts
  1. Purchase Request Form to be used for any farm purchases
  1. Monthly Battery Report Form
  1. Consulting Contact Form on the website
  1. Volunteer/Branch Member Application on the website
  1. Questionnaire and feedback from past volunteers and guests
  1. Twig Member Application on the website
  1. The Trunk Training Program manual
  1. Hospitality Core Position Description
  2. Hospitality Curator Position Description
  3. Relationship Manager Position Description
  4. Kitchen Core Position Description
  5. Kitchen Curator Position Description
  6. Project Manager Position Description
  1. Finca Morpho’s Hospitality Pillar Master Workbook
  2. Finca Morpho’s Maintenance Pillar Master Workbook
  3. Finca Morpho’s Nursery Pillar Master Workbook
  4. Finca Morpho’s Soil Sanctuary Pillar Master Workbook
  5. Finca Morpho’s Kitchen Pillar Master Workbook
  6. Finca Morpho’s Animals Pillar Master Workbook
  7. Finca Morpho’s Resource Center Pillar Master Workbook
  1. A look at past Living Agreements that all residents, volunteers, and guests agree to
  1. Moon Calendar for tropics showing signs and important info
  2. -7 hours on the times of the full, new, and any other time on the calendar
  1. More songs from Singing Alive with recordings and lyrics
  1. Contact and Emergency information for all members and guests - Root Member and Hospitality Pillar only
  1. Social Media, Booking, and other accounts on the internet

All Documents by Finca Morpho is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License