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Setting up the BLOOD WARMER
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Setting up the BLOOD WARMER

Blood and fluid warmer: Ranger Standard Flow Cassette model 2420. To be used with Ranger warming device.

Before filling with fluid: slide Ranger cassette into device, white label side up, all the way into the warmer until only the label is showing.

Blood Warmer: what you’ll need

1 liter NS (it’s compatible with blood products)

Y-connecting blood set

Ranger standard flow cassette

Ranger warming device

Close on-off clamps and regulating clamps.

Attach One extension tubing.

Insert one spike into NS bag.

Open the on-off clamp.

Squeeze and release buretrol until only the filter is covered.

Remove air from bag

Invert drip chamber and partially open on-off clamp on unused lead to prime lead, then close on-off clamp, and return buretrol to the upright position.

Open regulating clamp to prime, purge air.

Close regulating clamp.

Attach male luer adapter to IV tubing

Have pressure bags available