20+ Winter Olympics Lessons!

Below you’ll find a collection of links to some of the most amazing lessons involving the 2018 Winter Olympics available today!

Great teachers who know how to engage kids created these. I’ve just pulled them together for you!

Denis Sheeran - Author: Instant Relevance, Using Today’s Experiences to Teach Tomorrow’s Lessons and the upcoming Hacking Mathematics: 10 Problems That Need Solving

THE NORWAY EGGS DEBACLE...Hyperdoc by Denis Sheeran

Math Lessons

PBS Winter Olympics Teacher Toolkit!

(16 Activities for Pre-K - 12)

Building a Hockey Rink (1st grade)

Lego Luge Challenge

Desmos Olympic Records Activity

 Science Lessons

16 Videos about the Science of The Winter Olympic

By the National Science Foundation

Physics of Curling

NASA Science Teacher Toolkit!

Lessons on Density, Speed, Distance, Mass, Time, Pressure...

Article On The Perfect Bobsled Slide

 ELA Lessons

13 Activities from ReadWriteThink.org

ELA Teacher Toolkit

Winter Olympics Poetry Example

Article on Jamaican Women's Bobsled Team!!

 Other Lessons

TedEd Confidence & Self Doubt Video

Winter Olympics Teaching Pinterest Board

Elementary Music Lessons!

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