Environmental Policy


We say no to unnecessary packaging. We are enthusiastic supporters of the reduction in packaging and have campaigned for refusing wasteful packaging.

We ask for journals to be delivered electronically i.e. on line. We conduct as much business as possible on line and encourage others not to send us or use paper unnecessarily.


Apart from essential documents or unless you specifically request it:

  • You will not receive anything from us printed on paper.
  • We rarely print things internally.
  • We avoid sending faxes and they are received electronically i.e. not on paper.
  • We don't send documents by post.

We minimise the amount of waste for collection by composting all we can on site.

We aim to eliminate unnecessary travel. Driving is not only bad for the environment but also expensive, wasteful of time and possibly the most dangerous thing we do. Actions can speak louder than words and we would rather do it than meet up and talk about it.

As part of the drive to reduce product miles, we aim to drop ship directly to all our customers. At the same time this saves our customers the additional expense of 2 shipments and the associated delays.


We re-use as much packaging as possible.


When we do print we use recycled paper.

We separate our waste and combine other car journeys with a visit to a recycling facility on the way.




We also believe in local high temperature incineration of residual waste; landfill is avoided. The waste can produce useful heat and electricity and with modern techniques, without pollution.


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