Hello! Great to have you in ____. For this class we will be using Google Classroom.


You will find the class assignments, instructions, and feedback in Google Classroom.

To get started go to http://classroom.google.com and click in the upper right hand corner the plus icon and use the join code:


The way to access the workshop is to go to classroom.google.com and locate the class tile. This will take you to the class Stream. This is the social space of Google Classroom. Please feel free to post a hello or share things with other workshop participants.

Google Classroom is designed to be organized on the Classwork tab. Please click on Classwork to find the organized list of activities and assignments.

I number all the activities in Google Classroom. Please go to the BOTTOM of the Classwork page to find the first activity.

Filter the topics by clicking on the topic title. I recommend you do this. As you are working on Week 1, only look at week 1 activities.

Click on the assignment stripe to open a preview.

Click on "View assignment" to view the full directions.

TIP: Hold down the CONTROL key when you click on “View assignment” to open assignment in a new tab. This way you can close the assignment when completed and easily go back to the Classwork page.

From the assignment screen, look at the right hand side. There is a "Your Work" bubble. This is where you can submit screenshots or work samples. But please, ALWAYS Mark as done (or Turn in).

Please also, leave a private comment in the bottom right bubble. This goes ONLY to me. Start your private comment with BROWNELL to indicate that you would like me to respond.

I do not monitor class comments closely, class comments are for you to interact with the class. Please share ideas and ask questions to others in the workshop in the class comments.

Look at the icons on the assignment stripes, if they are lighter it means you have MARKED AS DONE or TURNED IN. The darker icons indicate you still need to turn in that activity.

Each week when new activities are posted you will receive an email notification. I recommend you filter your email to alert you to these emails. This is an easy way for you to get into the class. Open the assignment from the email and DELETE the email notification.

Please be in the habit of checking “View your work” at the top of the Classwork page. This will show you which assignments you have completed. You can also filter for missing assignments.

OR on the class Stream, look for the upcoming work bubble. Click on “View all” to find your assignment list.

An essential part of the Google Classroom workflow is to RETURN the assignments. This let's you know I have reviewed the submission. I will return everything. I often leave a note when I return, you will receive an email notification of these. The note I leave will be in the Return email so you do not have to go to Google Classroom to read the note. Feel free to delete these emails once you have seen the note.