Name: Joe Murphy

Age: 40

Street: 18 Macy St.

Occupation: Assistant Director for Administration

Education: Lansdale Catholic High School (PA) and Berklee College of Music

If elected, my top priority during my term in office will be to represent the citizens of ward one free from the debts and strings that bind Quincy’s career politicians.  Our government has an “in-crowd” problem, but I’m running for city council completely independent of the “quid pro quo” politics that plagues governmental bodies from local up to federal. With this independence, I can work on the issues that matter most to ward one’s citizens.  I will prioritize projects that impact people on a daily basis and not pet vanity projects.

Infrastructure:  Let’s redirect money to roads and sidewalks, water mains and sewer lines.  We should be staffing Parks and DPW well so our shared resources are clean and well maintained. We should spend some money now so we don’t spend more later.

Core functions: The police and fire departments, libraries, and schools should never again have to plead with our government for maintained buildings or equipment that allows them to do their job effectively and safely.

Smart development: Protect ward one from short-sighted, over-development which does not fit into the fabric of existing settled communities.

Property Tax Relief: Long-term residents give Quincy its identity and character, but many of them are feeling pushed out as real estate prices, and property taxes rise. While city services get stripped out, apartment buildings get shoved in, meanwhile we have been paying more just to stay in our homes. We need to provide relief to our long term, senior residents through tax exemptions and abatements. To offset reduced revenue, income properties should be taxed at a higher rate to ease the burden of single-family homeowners.

Improved Commerce:  Let’s monetize our amazing coastline with marine business: kayaking, fishing charters, harbor tours.  Encourage artistic, musical, and theatrical ventures that will provide synergy with our blossoming culinary scene. Embrace innovation with makerspaces, tool shares, and creative retail. In addition to enriching life here, we will increase our commercial property base.

Traffic/Transportation: One of the main quality-of-life problems Quincy faces is gridlock; we don’t need to spend $2.3 million on a traffic study to know this. Instead, let’s invest in smart traffic lights, officer details, and road maintenance. We need to make Quincy walkable and bikeable to alleviate traffic by allowing cyclists and pedestrians to safely traverse the city.  The MBTA should treat the people of Quincy with respect by expanding bus service, making the redline reliable as we wait for new subway cars, and accommodating our commuters as we face years of construction on all four of our T-stations at once.

Environment: Keep fighting the compressor station.  Reduce single-use plastic bags by providing stronger, advertiser-funded, reusable plastic bags to residents. Expand the rain-barrel program. Require new business construction to incorporate green technology, reducing their energy consumption and carbon footprint (e.g., solar, skylights, water reclamation).

Constituent Communication: Online, offline, phone, mail, raven--I will return every message. I will have weekly office hours for residents who prefer in-person communication to meet with me informally.  I will also post meetings and agendas relevant to ward one in consistent locations so you won’t have to search high and low for the information you are interested in.

“Ward one city councilor” is not a consolation prize or a stepping stone for me, it is a post tasked with improving Quincy’s quality-of-life for your family and mine.  If elected, I will be an innovative, honest, and independent advocate for all of us.

I’m grateful to my wife, Cheryl, and our girls for their support. And thank you, Ward One, for your ideas, attention and humor. Let’s get stuff done!