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MTN Web Store App Terms of Service
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MTN Web Store App

Terms of Service

Last Updated: 12 Jul 2021

The term “MTN” hereafter referred to as “” or “Malaysia Training Network”. The term “OTK” hereafter referred to as “OTK Web Solutions”, a registered company in Malaysia (company no.: PG-0081293-P) that owns MTN. The term “this app” or “the app” hereafter referred to as “MTN Web Store App”. MTN Web Store App is an online service developed and owned by OTK. The term “account owner” hereafter referred to as the organization or individual who paid for the use and subscriptions of this app. By continue using the MTN Web Store App, you agree to the following terms, policies, and guidelines:

By clicking or tapping the ‘I Agree’ button below or continue using the app, you also agree to the following terms:

  1. The account owner agrees that their use and subscriptions in the MTN Web Store App are voluntary. Additionally, the account owner agrees to assume any risk that is associated with using the app and releases of OTK from any and all claims of damage and loss that may be as a result of the usage. The release is without limitation and includes any fees and any other losses that might occur to the usage.
  2. The account owner agrees to hold OTK harmless against all claims of damage and loss including damage to OTK property caused by the usage.
  3. The account owner hereby warrants that their users are physically and mentally fit and able to use this app without any undue risk.
  4. OTK maintains the right to change and/or remove any parts of the app and/or Terms of Service if they foresee that items would risk damage to any party.
  5. This agreement is governed by the laws of Malaysia. Any legal claims or lawsuits related to the precipitants in the use of MTN Web Store App shall take place in courts located in Malaysia.

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