Letter to Parents

Dear Mom and Dad,

You two brought me to this world and I really appreciate what you've done to me on making me a better person, without you two I would never have this friends I have, I wouldn't know what living would feel like. I'm thankful for having this unique experiences, and I would love if we did more things together, even if they're boring trips and you know I don't want to go because either way something fun happens even if sometimes get hurt when going on our adventures. I love that you two listen to me and care so much of me and what I do. When I do something bad, you give me a punishment but at the end of the day you tell me why I did all I did and why I should not do that and how that can affect my life.

        I feel like we can improve on the way we work as a family, we need to let ourselves be more free, we need to ride our bikes more and enjoy the day. I feel like I need more freedom on what I do, I’m not saying be outside on the streets till 1am, I mean let me go outside with friends and go to them to many places, I know this is going pretty slowly and that you are giving me freedom little by little. I feel like we need to do more things like trying out new things around twice a week like run outside 3 miles and then go eat somewhere.

        I feel like one of my goals with my parents would be, doing more things that we used to do years ago. We used to play soccer; Me, Dad, Mom, and little brother but when Oliver was born my mom stopped playing and my little brother got bored of it even though he wasn’t really good at any sport. My dad got injured so he stopped playing for a while and then when he played again he couldn’t run fast anymore because his back didn’t work the same as it used too and he still is a young person. We need to do more active things cause even though its hard and exhausting to do all that it can be fun when done together and it’ll feel like another challenge completed and give us a reason to keep on going.

With Love and Care,