Unlimited Props Rental Rates/Rules (2019)

$500 per day (Monday – Friday) is the rate for unlimited props ($650 on Saturday/Sunday)– This includes all props and your choice of 3 surfaces. Any extra surfaces will be charged 50% off the regular rental price.

These prices are based on a 10 hour workday. The first 2 hours overtime are $75 and then $100 each hour after 12.

All used props must be washed/dried and placed either on the props return table or return cart and an employee of The Surface Library will file back into the collection.

*For studio rentals doing props piece by piece

The props order must be pulled the day before the shoot in order to write up an invoice. If they want to pull the morning of the shoot, nothing can be written up until The Surface Library opens at 9am. Any additions added during the shoot must be checked out before being taken off the floor. (NO AUDITIONING OF SURFACES/PROPS) No props/surfaces can be taken out of The Surface Library unless they are checked out from an employee of The Surface Library during business hours. If the shoot is on a weekend without unlimited rental, nothing can be taken out of The Surface Library since there will be no representative on site.