Add-on Features

Accpick Xcellence has a number of add on features which are designed to enhance the efficiency of your Point–of-Sale system.

1. Cash Sale Slip Printing

Cash sale slip printing with company logo option saves you print costs and time. 25 cash sale dockets for the cost of 1 invoice.

2. Options for Printing and Emailing in PDF Format

Email or print, Quotations, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Statements in PDF format with personalised business logos.

3. Stock Labels

Option to print bar coded labels on receipt of stock with either price or date received.

Note: For Fitment Centres

Tyre Labels:

Option to print bar coded, adhesive tyre labels on receipt of stock.

Job Card Labels:

Label prints for selected items. e.g. standard balance - detailing job card #, date and customer details.

4. Shelf Labels

Option to print shelf labels with stock details and price.

5. Automated Stock Take Procedures

Remote hand held scanners facilitate efficient stock take and enable automatic download to Accpick thus eliminating manual stock take procedures; stock variance report is instantly displayed with options for printing and on line adjustments.

6. Group Ordering

The Group Ordering facility enables the consolidated ordering of stock for all branches within a group from a selected supplier.

Report Options:

7. Remote Access to Accpick

Remote access to your store from your admin office or home using virtual private network (VPN) connections via ADSL or 3G Connect.

Manage your store and/or branches remotely by having a daily sales report emailed to you.

8. Accpick Messaging

Manage staff communication, reduce costs and improve productivity in your business using Accpick’s Messaging facility.

Compose and send messages to all or selected users per station on the Accpick Xcellence network within a branch (local area network) or within a group (wide area network, where a number of branches are connected to one server).

Within all
Accpick modules, message alerts to recipients are automatically displayed.

After reading the message, options exist to save, reply or delete the message.

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