Appalachian Bible College
Student Payment Policies

  1. Students must make the following minimum payments to maintain satisfactory financial status:

Fall Semester Due Date

Minimum Payment Due

Before 1st Day of Class

25% of initial balance*

September 25th

33% of September 1st balance**

October 25th

50% of October 1st balance

November 25th

100% of remaining balance

Spring Semester Due Date

January 25th

25% of initial balance*

February 25th

33% of February 1st balance**

March 25th

50% of March 1st balance

April 25th

100% of remaining balance

Summer Semester Due Date

Before 1st Day of Class (June)

33% of initial balance*

July 25th

50% of July 1st balance

August 25th

100% of remaining balance

* Initial balance will include any anticipated financial aid (including loans). For example, if a student’s charges at the beginning of a semester are $11,000 and the student is anticipating $6,000 in financial aid, the initial balance would be $5,000, of which 25% ($1,250) would be due before the 1st day of class.

** Any anticipated financial aid that is not officially disbursed by the first of this month will not be calculated in the minimum payment due.

  1. A Late Fee of $25 will be charged if the Minimum Payment Due is not paid by the Due Date.
  2. Returning students with an outstanding balance of more than $1,000 will not be allowed to return the following academic year.
  3. Students with an outstanding balance of more than $1,000 at the end of the fall semester will be subject to a 1% service fee and must meet with the Business Office Manager to receive permission to return in the spring semester.
  4. Any outstanding balance at the end of an academic year or beginning the month after the student concludes or withdraws will incur a 1% service fee each month.
  5. Students with unsatisfactory financial accounts (i.e. behind on payments) may be denied permission to attend class or to take final exams or be required to withdraw.
  6. No transcript, diploma, certificate, or degree will be issued for any student or former student who has an outstanding balance on his/her account. This policy is strictly enforced.
  7. Special Note:  Appalachian Bible College reserves the right to turn over accounts that do not have consistent payment activity for six months to one of the college’s collection agencies. (This may include reporting the debt to appropriate credit bureaus 60 days after the account has been turned over.) You will be notified of ABC’s intentions prior to any such actions being taken.
  8. Appeals:  Any student who believes he/she has been treated unfairly with respect to charges or refunds may petition the Dean of Students for an appeal.


Students who pay tuition and fees, prior to the first day of classes, and subsequently cancel their registration through the Registrar’s Office, are entitled to a full refund, with the exception of the application fee and non-refundable deposits. Students who officially withdraw after classes have begun, may be entitled to a partial refund, according to the following Refund Policies. The college reserves the right to deduct from a refund any outstanding financial obligations to Appalachian Bible College. Refunds are forfeited by those who improperly reduce their schedules or fail to officially withdraw. Those who face expulsion are also entitled to the same refunds, providing they officially withdraw.

 Revised 04/23/2018