Halloween Special

Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Released in 2002, The Ring is a remake of the Japanese horror film Ringu (1998) which itself was based off of a novel of the same name published in 1991. The story follows a reporter as she seeks to uncover the mystery behind a VHS tape that seems to kill all that watch it. When her son and ex become embroiled in the horror, finding an answer becomes a race against time.

Jeff’s Choices





Trait- “7 Days.”

The fantasy with this Samara kit is that she will be a high damage assassin at the beginning of the game and then transition to a high utility hero in the later game. To achieve this her trait “7 Days.” makes her level 7 for the entire game. She is given her heroic at the start of the game and only has one to choose from. She will remain level seven from the start of the game till the end of the game. This makes her a force to be reckoned with with the beginning of the match, but she will need to focus on being a utility player later in the game when the other heroes out level her.

Mount- Red Toy Tricycle

Q- “Paralyzing Stare”

Samara picks a target in range and stares at them with her dark eyes. If the enemy makes face to face “eye contact” with her while this is activated they will be frozen in place for a short amount of time. Samara can choose to engage or remain at a safe distance. If she chooses to engage and reaches the target they will take increased auto attack damage from  the first hit that Samara deals to them and will become unstunned. If she stays at a safe distance and does not engage the enemy will remain stunned for the full duration of the ability.

W- “Finger Nails”

Samara reaches out and with a scratching cleave attack that deals damage to all targets that it hits. This also marks a player with “Panic.” Heroes that have the panic debuff will have the possibility of running in fear within the next 10 seconds in a random direction. This is NOT something that is guaranteed to happen- but could happen to the player during the next 10 seconds. I am thinking that the percentage of this happening starts at 30%.

E- “True Horror”

Samara calls forth a well from the ground at a target location. When she calls this well she also sets a target destination of the ability- exactly like Ragnaros activates his meteor ability. In the direction that she is teleported and begins to crawl out the well and slowly walk in that direction. All enemies that are in her path will only be able to move directly away from Samara.

Heroic 1- “Be kind. Rewind

Samara selects an area on the battlefield and this ability will affect all players in the area. When activated all players in the circle of the ability will have their screens turn to VHS station and they will not be able to attack. During this time Samara is the only hero not affected and she can choose to attack an enemy hero. When they are attacked a huge image of Samra will pop up on their screen accompanied with a very loud scream. This knocks the player out the static screen, but they do take damage from the attack.

Heroic 2- “N/A”

Specialty Skin: “Goth Blockbuster store employee” with a skin variation for Hollywood Video and also one for Game Crazy.

Dance: A TV appears and she watches an undead dance class on the screen and mimics their movements.

Kristen’s Choices

All’s Well that Ends Well



Favorite Blizzard Game


Favorite Blizzard Character

        Tracer (teleport ability)




Herald of the Coming

In the movie, Samara gives individuals seven days to figure out the puzzle that is her curse. In this sense, the player of Samara will work as the signs of her coming, building up fear levels in enemy players that can be used to her advantage later. At the start of the game, a cursed video plays for all enemies.



Most of her work is done through the build up.


Sign of the Devil

Summoning down a swarm of flies made even worse by loud, unyielding buzzing, the player uses this swarm to blind enemy heroes both visually and aurally. The longer the swarm remains on an enemy, the more stacks of fear they accrue. This also adds up faster when enemies are grouped versus alone.



Because an actual nosebleed can’t be seen on an enemy in the heat of battle, this telegraphs as a curse, with a symbol above the affected enemy’s head. This nosebleed results in health depletion for a period of time. If this happens in a group, nearby enemies gain a few fear points, but not many. If it happens to a loner, they take a lot more damage and become a lot more scared.


Burned Images

The screen scratches. Was that a girl crawling into a bush? Was there something that appeared behind you? Having three stacks, the Samara player chooses an enemy Hero and causes them to see things that may or may not be real. Other nearby enemies can see this as well but only if their fear level is high enough. Those that see this gain more fear. If stacks are at max, the image appears on them and does damage before being scratched away.



Seeing the infected enemy Hero full of fear and cursed by her adopted child, Anna Morgan appears suddenly behind the target unit and suffocates them with a trash bag. This locks the enemy in place and decreases their health in larger increments the longer the attack goes on. The length is determined by the number of fear stacks they have. Only other enemy Heroes with the same number of fear stacks can see and target Morgan to reduce the time of the attack.


Seven Days

Near to the team fight, a well is uncovered. Slowly but surely a small girl crawls out in an inhuman fashion. Once out, she begins her slow march forward. She is untargetable and cannot take damage. After she gets close enough, she vanishes and almost instantaneously reappears in front of one enemy, then another and another until all nearby enemies have faced her. Each is stunned in turn and takes damage based on how many fear stacks they have. Those with maximum stacks are feared away from the fight only to die seven seconds later.


        Tsundere Samara

                She’s got big anime eyes, a permanent blush and refers to everyone as “baka”.




Not the whole dance, just the part where they stamp their feet and throw their heads to their shoulders.