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Loan Periods

Under Back Office, click on Library Priorities to setup load periods for items and patron types. The default is two weeks.

Click on the + sign to add new Patron Type or Circ Type. Click on the pencil icon to edit the load period for a particular patron or circ type.

Circulation Types: You may want to add new circulation types for different materials such as serials (magazines), eBooks, equipment, graphic novels, Spanish Books, etc. The defaults are regular and reference.

Patron Type: The default types are faculty and students. These patron types are affected by the updates. If you want to create a manually added patron, such as a Parent or Volunteer or District 75 student, who is not affected by the updates, this is the place to do it.

Overdue to Lost: The default is N/A. If you want overdue items to turn lost after a certain amount of time, click the edit (Pencil) icon and click on the Overdue to Lost button to activate it. Type in the number of days you would like.

Note: The reason not to have is this feature activated is if you take an extended leave (or over Summer Vacation), all overdue books will automatically revert to lost.

However, you may decide to give students and teachers a certain time frame to return items and then, have them revert to lost status without having to do it manually. This is also helpful if you want to change the status of overdue items for patrons who no longer attend the school.