Info for musicians.

Thanks for performing on the Hyde Taverns’ Cellar Stage hosted by River Rat Records.

We want to to feel very welcome and we regret the formality of this document but it helps ensure we don’t get any crossed wires on the night.

We look forward to hosting your music!

PLEASE{ PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING AS SOON  if we do not receive the  at least 6 weeks in advance of your show.

Ap The 0 price you would like to set for 00319.970m3 pyour show

info@riverratrecords - Please include ‘Artist Name /Tech Spec’ in the subject line.  


The Hyde Tavern

57 Hyde Street



SO23 7DY


Pricing your show is up to you! We recommend between £8 minimum to £12.50 maximum and this decision should reflect your confidence to sell tickets in this area.  

We organise online ticket sales for you and we will reserve 10 tickets for sale behind the bar to ensure our regular customers get a chance to attend. Any remaining in house tickets are reallocated online the week leading up to the show.  


Load in and sound check:

The engineer will arrive, ready to set up and sound check at 6pm. If you’re feeling keen you are welcome to arrive anytime from 5pm and load into the cellar.


Free on street parking is available after 6pm so we recommend you arrive at 6pm to load in make the most of your sound check.


Drinks are free to all performing musicians so please just inform the staff you are performing and they will not charge you for YOUR OWN drinks.

You are welcome to order takeaway and eat it in the venue either before or after your performance. In the upstairs bar we have a display of all the local menus and the delivery people know us well.  

If we are providing home cooked food this will have been agreed in advance in a contract otherwise you are expected to be relatively self sufficient.


The Cellar Stage:

We are a small roots venue with a maximum capacity of 30 people (seated) and 40 people (standing). We have a great stage sound using relatively basic equipment and an in house sound engineer at a fixed fee of £30 which is deducted from the total sales.

Venue equipment:

A small raised stage

Coloured stage lighting

P.A (deceptively good sounding!) with 2 large front of house Peavey speakers.

We have NO floor monitors. We never find this to be a problem due to the size and shape of the space but you are welcome to bring monitoring if this worries you..

4 x Vocal mic stands

4 x Vocal mics.

2 x D.I

1 x Mackie 12 channel desk

2 x Peavey front of house speakers

Yes you can play drums in this space, but remember stage space is limited so a stripped back kit is usually the way to go and you’ll have to figure out who goes where between yourselves :)

Who gets what?:

Because we love music and musicians we don't want to take any more money than to fairly cover our costs so 80% of the total ticket sales goes directly to you paid in cash on the night.  Musicians are also entitled to free drinks all night (within reason!!!) ;)

In return we expect you to spread the word about your show, be patient with the staff, aware than with small spaces there are limitations and respectful of our property and that is all!  

We have a Facebook page https://en-gb.facebook.com/thehydetavern/ which we welcome you to share videos and promotion on our page and we will be promoting your show online ourselves.

Our telephone number is 01962 862592 so feel free to call or send an email or facebook message with any questions. For anything technical please message us via facebook and the sound engineer will get back to you.

Let us know if we've missed anything!

We look forward to hosting your music.