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OXYGEN Challenge - COVID-19 Solutions
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OXYGEN Challenge - COVID-19 Solutions

Inviting solutions to fight against Covid-19

About the Challenge

Innovation and Entrepreneurship are critical to the economic development of any country.  Research plays a pivotal role in bringing new inventions and interventions.  Countries who are successful in translating the research products into commercial ventures are leading the innovation landscape. Over the years, Kerala has developed a network of scientific infrastructure with a host of dedicated institutions and a pool of scientific manpower with more than 150 research institutions dedicatedly working in the Science and Technology sphere. These institutions conduct various research activities and produce several innovations and inventions every year.

When the adverse CoronaVirus is taking lives from various parts of the Globe, Kerala Startup Mission, the nodal organisation of Government of Kerala is calling for innovative solutions to defend and hunt down the Global Pandemic.

Through this, we aim to identify innovative tech products and prototype solutions developed by Researchers, Startups, Student Innovators, Faculties etc from across the State relevant to the problems on the current COVID-19 Pandemic.

Those who have developed innovative tech-products or prototype during this challenging time period can apply for the challenge

Current Scenario

The outbreak of COVID-19 has not only created a health crisis but also threatened our ways of living and we are faced with the stark reality that the world we return to will be forever altered.

Our Objective

To recognize and to reward the efforts of the innovators who have created relevant tech innovations to fight the current challenge.

The present COVID-19 situation has presented us with a unique challenge in the form of Oxygen shortage.

Problem Scenario

Problem Statements (Expected Solutions)