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[to be Adopted by the Membership in the 2019 Elections, Effective January 1, 2020]


Section 1- This association (social/recreation club) shall be known as the “National 42 Players Association”.


Section 1- To promote and enlarge the participation in, and the number of, “live” tournaments in a straight 42 format.

Section 2- To have a place where membership is open to all that are interested in the game of 42. New players may find a source for tutorial help, etc. Where you do not have to be a player to be a member but simply like to be involved. A member may simply want to help promote the game, or monitor a family member or a friend’s success from afar.

Section 3- To reward players who participate often and/or top place finishers with “pro player points” in order for them to achieve a level of “PRO” status.

Section 4- To make the awarded points variable on a scale to compliment the size and level of competition at a given tournament.

Section 5- To work with and assist in “if needed” open tournaments in promoting the game of 42 in its original or traditional form.

Section 6- To never take away any control or traditions from existing groups or tournament sponsors.

Section 7- To have a rating system and a “Pro” level status that is achievable by a large number of “live” tournament players, and where players can also receive the peer and public recognition they deserve.

Section 8- To have an end of the season/year “High Point Pro Player” award given to the top player/players.

Section 9- To promote more OPEN live tournaments as well as PRO INVITATIONAL tournaments held multi-annually for PRO qualified players.

Section 10- To hold an end of the year tournament for the top finishers of the Pro Invitationals to meet for the NATIONAL TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS.

Section 11- To have a source for “42 NEWS” where announcements, upcoming events and tournament results can be reported, whether this is from a quarterly newsletter or a web page or a combination of ideas.


Section 1- Any person of good moral character regardless of race, color, sex or national origin is eligible for membership.

Section 2- The membership and/or pro level are only active and valid if continuous membership is maintained without expiration.

Section 3- Expired membership occurs when the “annual dues” are not postmarked by Jan 31st for that year. Early payment is accepted if a member is expecting to be out of country, out of pocket or out of mind come January.

Section 4- New members may join at any time during the year but the annual dues amount will still be the same and renewal will be due by Jan 31st of the next year.

Section 5- An expired membership will require 16 points to regain a pro level, just like a new member. An expired membership may lose their original member number and be issued the next available number in line. Losing pro status in any given year does not mean that a player loses their membership or member # as long as they maintain a continuous membership.

Section 6- Members can be suspended from membership for falsifying tournament results, member participation, or level size. Members can be suspended for intentionally or knowingly violating membership and/or tournament rules. Members can be suspended for cheating in a tournament. All members will be given a copy of all rules and regulations at time of membership and be required to know them. Blatant or aggressive un-sportsman like conduct or extreme rudeness may also be grounds for suspension.

Section 7- Membership suspensions will not be handed out lightly or handled lightly. Suspensions will only be made, if necessary, by the President on a temporary basis until the Board of Directors can review and vote on suspension and length of suspension. During member suspensions (temporary or given by the board) the suspended member will NOT accumulate pro player points or be allowed to play in the Association Invitationals or receive any other member benefit.

Section 8- The Board of Directors will take up any member rule-violation issues on a case-by-case basis once brought to its attention, and a simple majority vote of the Board can reject or sustain a member’s standing in the Association. The Board is committed to providing a full and fair hearing of the facts in such cases, but reserves the right and responsibility for final judgments in each instance. The Board reserves the right to not approve, or terminate, membership based on information about individuals and their standing with other 42 groups, or on other information gained from credible sources as well as the member in question, which indicate that the person’s membership in N42PA would jeopardize the integrity of this Association.

Section 9- Pro player points and eligibility for Invitational Pro Tournaments can only be awarded to “current” members in good standing.

Section 10- Pro points may be awarded to new members for any points earned within thirty (30) days prior to receipt of their membership dues.


Section 1- All qualifying open and invitational tournaments will be in a “straight 42” format. No plunge, nello or sevens allowed.

Section 2- All qualifying tournaments must be played “live”.

Section 3- “Open tournament” means advertised in some way such as a mailer, newspaper, flier displayed at other open tournaments, web page, etc that is approved by the director and/or board.

Section 4- The board of directors shall reserve the right to remove the status of any tournament.

Section 5- The Board has the ultimate say for validation of any tournament, and reserves the right to validate or invalidate a tournament at the request of another board member, by a majority vote, if the facts support a problem with the results of a tournament.


Section 1- 16 points are required to reach “PRO” level membership. Each team member will accrue points individually. 16 points are required annually to maintain their pro level.

Section 2- Once a member reaches a “PRO” level in any given tournament season (Jan 1st through Nov 30th) they maintain their pro status for the year earned as well as the following year. On the following year if 16 points are not earned again by Nov 30th then they lose their pro status.

Section 3- The membership and/or pro level are only active and valid if continuous membership is maintained without membership expiration.

Section 4- The National 42 Players Assoc. season for all qualifying open and invitational tournaments will be held between Jan 1st and Nov 30th. DECEMBER will be kept open to tally all pro player points for the Pro Points Player of the Year Award (given to the highest point total player/players) as well as to host the SUPER BOWL of all tournaments, the NATIONAL TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS

Section 5- Pro player points including bonus points are only valid for each tournament season (Jan 1st through Nov 30th). Every member starts at zero on Jan 1st. The Pro level accrued or maintained (16 points) will carry over year to year as long as the 16 points are earned EACH year. EXAMPLE: The points total does not carry over from one season to another but the membership level accrued or maintained by the 16 points will carry over.


Section 1. Qualified Tournament Levels:

Below 10 Teams - non qualifying

10 to 19 Teams  - Level 1

20 to 39 Teams - Level 2

40 to 79 Teams - Level 3

80 or more Teams - Level 4

Section 2. Pro Player Points:

Finish Position       Level 1     Level 2     Level 3    Level 4

1st                            20             30            40            50

2nd                           15             25            35            45

3rd                            10             20            30            40

4th                             0              15            20            35

5th                             0              10            15            25

6th                             0               5             15            25

7th                             0               0             15            25

8th                             0               0             15            25

Bonus Points               1               2              3               4

Bonus points are doubled for charity tournaments

Every N42PA member who plays in a tournament will receive bonus points.  Persons who join the N42PA will receive bonus points for tournaments played in the 30 days prior to the date that they joined.

Section 3. Non-Qualifying Tournaments - Players who attend tournaments that are not sanctioned by the N42PA or which have fewer than 10 teams will not receive any Pro Points for those tournaments.

1Bonus Points – Every member accrues for playing in any qualifying tournament regardless of finish position.

2XXXX means – does not qualify for finish position points.

• Pro Level can be achieved (16 points) from the bonus points only (never reaching the top finish positions), if that person plays in enough qualifying tournaments to accrue the required number for that tournament season.


Section 1- Invitational Tournaments are open to all N42PA members. At least one member of each team must be a member of N42PA. A substitute team member can play in an invitational if they are not a member before the start date of the tournament, but cannot participate in more than 2 such tournaments during a calendar year, and must pay the higher entry fee of a non-member.

Section 2- The Tournament of Champions will be held in December and is open to all "Pro" level players. Both team members must be qualified as a pro player and cannot play if they are not pro-qualified before the start date of the tournament.

Section 3- Pro Player Points will be awarded (finish position and bonus points) to all members playing in the Invitationals. The points will be awarded per the level size of the tournament. The board reserves the right to determine the qualifying size of the pro invitationals.

Section 4- The Board reserves the right to determine the best format for Pro Invitationals and the National Tournament of Champions.

Section 5- Standardized tournament brackets will be used which place all 'bye' games in the earliest possible rounds. These double & single elimination brackets will conform to those used at the website

Section 6- Brackets will be seeded based on the performance of teams in the morning games. The team with the best record will play the team with the worst record, and so on.


Section 1- The elective offices of the association shall consist of:








Section 2- Term of office for any board position will be two years. A board member may serve for an unlimited number of terms as long as they receive the majority of votes from the members of the association.

Section 3- The board position elected terms will be staggered in an odd/even year format.

• Odd year term:

1) President

2) IT-Director (Information Technology-Web Site)

3) Pro Tournament Director

• Even year term:

1) Vice President

2) Secretary

3) Treasurer

4) Open Tournament Director

Section 4- Founding Board Terms: The odd year term positions will run from January 2005 to January 2007. The even year term positions will run from January 2005 to January 2006 for this year only with the newly elected board or re-elected board starting their 2-year term of January 2006 to January 2008.

Section 5- Appointed founding board members are as follows:

1) President: Dan Lance, Weatherford (Garner)Texas

2) Vice President: Don Cameron, Millsap Texas

3) IT-Director: Blaine Morgan, Arlington Texas

4) Secretary: Richard Mach, Dallas Texas

5) Treasurer: Dennis Roberson, Fort Worth Texas

6) Open Tournament Director: Russell Graham, Frisco Texas

7) Pro Tournament Director: Don St.Clair, Lancaster Texas

Section 6- Any current member wishing to run for an elected position on the Board of Directors must be at least 18 years of age.

Section 7- Members wishing to run for office must have an announcement to run for the board into the Association by September 1st. That member will be placed on the voting ballot for the desired position. Members will run for the specific position they desire and that they are willing and capable to fulfill. SEE BOARD/MEMBER RESPONSIBILITIES.

Section 8- Voting ballots will be due into the Association by Dec. 1st. Any late ballots received after Dec. 1st will not be counted. Any ballot postmarked by Nov. 24th and received later than Dec.1st (7 days in mail system) will be counted.

Section 9- The Secretary shall collect and maintain custody of the ballots for each election year. The secretary shall be responsible for making the ballots available to the board for counting and confirmation of election results. The Secretary shall maintain the ballots in the sealed ballot envelope and shall deliver them in their sealed ballot envelope to the board for counting.


a) On years where the Secretary is up for re-election, the President shall collect and maintain custody of the ballots for that election year. The President shall be responsible for making the ballots available to the board for counting and confirmation of election results. The President shall maintain the ballots in the sealed ballot envelope and shall deliver them in their sealed ballot envelope to the board for counting. After the election when the Secretary has been confirmed the President shall transfer custody of the ballots to the Secretary.

Section 10- Ballots shall be preserved. The secretary shall preserve the ballots and all other records of an election for one year following the election.


Section 1- President – Maintain and complete all state and federal filings (state corp. forms, state and federal tax exemptions, IRS, etc.) Preside over all meetings. See that all orders and resolutions of the board are carried out. Is an ex-officio member of all standing committees.

Section 2- Vice President – Shall perform all duties of the president in their absence. Is responsible for the manufacture and distribution of all general member and pro member name/membership cards. Will assist the board as needed.

Section 3- IT-Director (Information Technology-Web Site) Shall maintain all aspects of the association website. Responsible for maintaining the Pro Points accrued by the members from tournament play. Will maintain a list of all members (contact/mailing list) with required contact information (name, current address, phone numbers and e-mail address).

Section 4- Secretary – Shall record minutes of the board at the annual meeting in January as well as other needed general meetings. Most general meetings and resolutions will be conducted via group e-mails and/or by phone. Is responsible for the mailed newsletter to the membership (proposed quarterly).

Section 5- Treasurer – Shall maintain custody of the association funds. Will keep full and accurate account of all receipts and expenditures. Shall deposit all money in the name of and to the credit of the Association. Shall provide a quarterly account activity report every three months to all board members. Will provide all board members with a detailed annual report of all account activity by mid January for the previous year.

Section 6- Open Tournament Director – Is responsible for making sure all open qualifying tournaments are in compliance with the association rules and regulations. Shall work with any tournament sponsors requiring information or guidance with open tournaments. Is responsible for making sure a complete and accurate list of all open tournament players (with top finish positions noted) are given to the IT Director in a timely manner. After sanctioning an open tournament, the director will then give notice to the rest of the board and the date/time will be posted on the web site.

Section 7- Pro Tournament Director – Is responsible for the Multi-Annual PRO Invitational tournaments as well as the Tournament of Champions tournament held at the end of each year.

Section 8- Authority is given to the sitting board members to temporarily change and/or swap position duties (partially and/or in full) if the two affected parties both agree and approval is given by a majority vote of the board. This agreement is temporary until a change of board personnel takes place upon incoming election results.

Section 9- All individual board duties stated above and/or any duties assigned that are not specified above, are to be performed to the majority opinion of the board in any given duty. Any board member performing their duty that goes against the majority opinion or standing majority opinion on any given issue, shall resign their position or risk impeachment from the board.


Section 1- Any member wishing to run for an elected position must agree to fulfill all stated duties required for that position in an honest, responsible, professional and timely manner.

Section 2- No member shall run for a position unless completely dedicated to fulfilling those duties.

Section 3- All board members shall work for the good of the Association as a whole and not for a select small group or for personal gain.

Section 4- Any board member may request an impeachment hearing/vote against another board member if duties are not being fulfilled in a timely or professional manner. Any board member can be impeached with a majority vote of the remaining board members.

Section 5- A member appointed by majority vote of the remaining board to fulfill that term should replace an impeached board member.

Section 6- A vacant board position duty can be filled temporarily by another board member (giving duel responsibilities) until that position can be filled by majority vote of the board or by general election. Temporarily filled positions have the same signature authority as the stated duties authorize.

Section 7- Additional board positions may be added to help distribute the workload but the number must always be odd and must be at least 7.

Section 8- All board members shall be willing to travel to a location determined by majority vote of the current and outgoing board for the passing of documents, accounts, etc. This election change meeting will be held in January. It is not mandatory that all be present but every effort should be made to be present.

Section 9- All outgoing board members will turn over any and all documents or property belonging to the Association to the newly elected person taking over their position. Any refusal to do so may cost the member any Association benefits such as their membership in general (temporary or permanent) and their membership status.

Section 10- Any board member or general member can be stripped of Association benefits for rule or member violations by a majority vote of the board.

Section 11- All board members will pay the same dues as the general members.

Section 12- Only members in good standing as of September 1st may vote in the current year's election.

Section 13- Only members who are in good standing as of April 1st may run for the Board in the current year's election. Any member wishing to run for the Board must also have at least one (1) Pro point in the year they intend to run. there is no Pro Point requirement to remain on the Board each year.


Section 1- The Constitution and By-Laws can be amended by a majority vote of members returning election/amendment change ballots. The Board of Directors will review all amendments submitted by any member in good standing, determine its effect on the organization, and recommend passage or opposition. This amendment change vote will be held only once at year, if needed, to coincide with the board position election.

Section 2- Any member in good standing may submit recommendations for By-law amendments to the Board. Recommendations must be submitted in writing and by September 1st in order to be considered for placement on the ballot. They should specifically state which Article & Section of the Bylaws are being addressed and why. Recommendations should be consistent with the Organization's "Objectives" as defined in Article II of the By-laws.


Section 1- No board member will be compensated monetarily for time or work performed for the Association. The board will work on a volunteer basis only.


Section 1- Any member of the board has the authority to sign on behalf of the association for legal and business purposes that fall within the category of their stated board position duties. The president of the board has the authority to sign any and all legal, banking and professional documents. The vice president has the same authority as the president in the absence of the president or while fulfilling the duties of the president. The treasurer has the authority to sign all banking and financial documents. The secretary has the authority to sign legal filings involving the Association. The IT director has the authority to sign for matters involved in web site or Internet agreements/contracts.

Section 2- The above signature authorities for single signature rights are due to the distance between board members and the lack of routine monthly live board meetings. Any board member should have prior board approval for any new or un-discussed actions. Any misrepresentation of one board member from the majority opinion can result in their impeachment/dismissal as a board member.

Section 3- Any board member shall get, in advance, an approval for expenditures over fifty dollars. Any amount (even under fifty dollars) spent by the board member without prior approval is subject to not being reimbursed. Repeated expense that is known by the board (postage for mailers, etc) does not require a vote every time to fulfill repeated duties in their area of responsibility. A board member risks their personal money if they make a purchase without the boards consent.

Section 4- Actual expenses such as web site fees, postage, office supplies, etc will be reimbursed if approved by a majority vote of the board.


The first annual formal meeting of the National 42 Players association took place on March 5th, 2005. This meeting was held at the KC Hall on Hwy 77 South in Hallettsville, Texas immediately following the 2005 Texas State Championship 42 Tournament sponsored by the Hallettsville Chamber of Commerce. The founding board had previously been appointed to author the preceding Constitution and By-Laws as well as the general format, rules and direction of the Association’s membership. By the founding Directors signature, he is approving (voting Yes for) the adoption of the preceding document. A majority vote (approving signature) of four or more of the founding Directors signatures will carry as the approval and adoption of the Constitution and By-laws and will be recorded as such.