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TBC Remote Instruction Service Policy

The Birchtree Center Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Remote Instruction Policy

Working Draft as of June 16, 2021

This policy is current with guidance that has been provided up to this date but is subject to change as additional official guidance is provided.

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Table of Contents

Introduction        1

Instructional Contact with Center-Based Students         1

Contact with Center-Based Parents        2

Attendance        2

Evidence of Participation        2

Progress toward IEP Goals        3

Document History        3


Starting June 21, 2021, two service delivery models are being offered for center-based students:

  1. Full-time in-person instruction in our school building.
  2. Continued remote instruction with no-in person contact with staff. Instruction is delivered virtually and with updated educational materials delivered to the student as needed. Instruction is provided to each participating student for 5 days a week according to our current school calendar. This option is only available to students who have a documented medical need to remain in a distance learning status.

For students who are not receiving in-person services in the school building or in their homes at this time, remote instruction continues with an emphasis on IEP implementation. In this phase of remote instruction, it is imperative that IEP services and supports are implemented to the maximum extent possible.

Instructional Contact with Center-Based Students 

Contact with Center-Based Parents


Evidence of Participation

Progress toward IEP Goals

Document History

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