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Wellness Resources
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Wellness Resources

The health and wellbeing of our students, families, teachers, and community members is our highest priority during our school dismissal. The wellness resources listed are meant to provide ideas you can utilize and explore at home in various areas including: community resources, mental health and emotional wellness, physical activity, and family connection activities.

Community Wellness Resources:

Mental Health and Emotional Wellness Resources:

Physical Activity:

Family Connection Activities:

Community Wellness Resources:

United Way’s Help Center 

Great resource from United Way in helping individuals and families finding help in times of need. From food to transportation resources, this site can provide information to get help.

Salt Lake County Health Department COVID - 19 Updates

SLC County Heath’s information page about the current trends and resources in navigating the coronavirus outbreak here in Salt Lake City.

How Parents Can Talk with their Children about Coronavirus (web version)

How to Talk to Your Children about Coronavirus (Spanish Version) (pdf versions)

A resource from the National Association School Psychologists (NASP) about how to talk with your child about the Coronavirus.

Q&A on Coronavirus

The World Health Organization Frequently asked questions about the Coronavirus.

Avoiding Stigmas of Racism and Bias

The NASP resource for communities in avoiding stigmas that may be associated with the virus.

Video for Students to Understand Coronavirus

Video resources for students to watch about the coronavirus.

How to protect yourself

World Health Organization video resource about protecting yourself from the virus.

Myths about coronavirus

Common myths about the virus.

Mental Health and Emotional Wellness Resources:

Headspace App

The Headspace App teaches you how to meditate.

Stress Reduction Activities

This packet contains many stress reduction activities appropriate for a variety of ages and developmental levels.

Mind Yeti®

Mind Yeti provides YouTube videos that are a great way for everyone to practice mindfulness during this difficult time.Designed for educators and families to do alongside children, or for older children to do on their own:  Mind Yeti on YouTube: English | Espanol

The Imagine Neighborhood

This new podcast for families is designed to help children and grown-ups practice their social-emotional skills. Each episode tells a story that’s amazing, fantastical, and maybe a little bananas, while it tackles the big feelings that come with growing up.

Utah Suicide and Crisis Hotlines 

Crisis Counselors available for your call.

Safe UT - Crisis Chat and Tip Line

The SafeUT Crisis Chat and Tip Line is a statewide service that provides real-time crisis intervention to youth through live chat and a confidential tip program – right from your smartphone.

Physical Activity:

Playworks Play at Home Playbook

A “play at home” guide created by Playworks. Games and activities have been chosen and adapted for playing at home during school dismissal.

Playworks Game Guide

The Playworks Game Guide includes over 300 games that are often played during PE and Recess in our elementary schools.

Fitness and Wellness Journal - Secondary

This is a 2 week fitness and wellness journal that guides students through physical activity and mindfulness activities.

Fitness and Wellness Journal -  Elementary

This is a 2 week fitness and wellness journal that guides students through physical activity and mindfulness activities - Playworks resources are embedded.

Family Connection Activities:

Conversation Starters with your kids and teens:

-If you could be a superhero, what superpower would you have and why?

-Something I learned yesterday was…

-How would your best friend describe you?  

-What are you most looking forward to _______ ? (today, tomorrow, next week, etc.)

More conversation starters

This website has interactive videos and ideas for projects in different areas including art, innovation, science, laughter and everything in-between. Most videos are paired with projects that kids can do at home.

Project Learning Tree

This is a great website that centers many family activities around trees and the science surrounding trees.

Disney Family Activities

Games, crafts, and other fun ideas to do together with your kids.  

Family Game Night

This website has some ideas for different types of games for families of all ages, shapes, and sizes.