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What do I get as an OSAT Artist?

  1. Promotion, promotion, promotion . . . CAC directs visitors to you!
  1. Video tutorials to help you make quality photos and videos.
  2. Support with your webpage design and content.
  3. Local resources for contacting photographers and videographers.

How does the public find me?

With the purchase of a $15 guidebook or payment through, visitors can access your work more than ever before. Guidebooks will be available for sale in late September at CAC and at participating stores.  

Will my webpage be easy for me to use? 

Your webpage utilizes an easy, drag and drop template.   You upload images of the artwork you have for sale along with information on how to purchase. You can add video tours, video interviews, and an artist statement about your work.

You will have a login ID and password so that only you have access to change and update your page.

Can I continue to use my webpage after October?  

Open Studios Art Tour will be active all year, until July 31, 2022. That means that OSAT artists can promote their artwork all year and patrons can explore the OSAT website all year. Once they pay $15, they can use their access code all year to look for new artists or see if their favorite artists have added new work.

On my webpage, my images are vertical but the thumbnail images are horizontal and cropped. Is that just the way it is?

The thumbnail images are set to be small, square details that are the same size as each other so that they are in a grid. The full image appears when they are enlarged. You are able to see the slide show when you are logged out and viewing your page as a visitor.