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“She Said She Said is a compelling and poignant account of the trauma on both parties in a marriage when one begins to transition gender. Anne Reid gives eloquent voice to the pain, fear and bewilderment as a normal and happy life disintegrates amid the indescribable agony of gender dysphoria. But unlike so many accounts of this difficult journey she also captures the deep loss of those who loved the trans person as they were. This is an important book on a topic too few understand​.​” 


My husband wanted to be a girl!

Late one night, without warning, Anne’s husband of ten years delivers the news: ‘I have  gender dysphoria’. Her world shifts in an instant. How could she not know? How could she be so completely oblivious? What does this even mean?

Anne begins examining, researching and recording events in an effort to retain some sanity. The result is this powerful, excruciatingly intimate and funny memoir.

She Said She Said provides the rarely heard voice of the partner of someone going through gender transition.

Humour, goodwill and a great deal of personal courage were required—and that was just to get through the first Mother’s Day!

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