There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled.

    There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled.

    You feel it, don’t you?


Guided Reflections

    Welcome to week one’s reflections. What follows is an invitation to discover more about yourself- how you experience stress in your life- with a view to perhaps finding more peaceful ways of being. A note to say that I too am still learning every day about how to respond to the pressures of life. Sometimes I feel skilful with this and can navigate tricky waters to bring myself to calmer seas. Sometimes I’m humbled to feel like a beginner all over again, as new situations evoke stress responses, and present new opportunities to practice self care.

   With this framing of ourselves as journeyers in self awareness, as learners, I invite you to set the intention to be compassionate with yourself; let this be a self- discovery process. Treat yourself as you would a dear friend- go kindly, and gently. What follows are a few questions, to begin to track your patterns with stress. So I invite you to go gently, and get curious!

More info on the stress response:


Stress is an ancient survival response that is healthy in small doses. It helps us to get going when needed, and unwind and rest too. It is rooted in our nervous system and has least two modes:


1:  the sympathetic (fight and flight- our “doing” mode )

2:  parasympathetic ( rest and digest- our “do- nothing” mode).


In our modern world, many people are caught in overdrive, meaning that it can be hard to take time in “ rest and digest”. Whether this is due to high demands at work, a busy urban environment, social anxiety, and/ or our own insecurities and fears, on-going stress can be costly to our well-being. Over time, it can lead to chronic fatigue, emotional reactivity, lower immune health and recurrent illness. As Dr. Gabor Mate says, stress is not really the issue, it’s that we haven’t been taught how to cope with it. Recognising and regulating stress is what I hope to help you to do, in this program.


 “ To be present in our bodies is a form of awareness, and it is a first step in being kind to ourselves and others. In coming home to our body, we become connected to our greater home, the earth”.

Wisdom of the Body Moving,Linda Hartley.              

With love,      Aisling