French Honor Society

Advisor: Mrs. Dresnok,

Time Commitment: Varies

French Honor Society encourages the language and culture of the French. Vive la France!  Students must be inducted into the Honor Society based on academic success in French.  Students become eligible to be inducted into French Honor Society once 3 semesters of French have been completed with an average of 93 or above.  Students must also maintain an overall GPA of 85 in all their classes.


Spanish Honor Society

Advisor: Mrs. Soucy

Time Commitment: Varies

Spanish Honor Society encourages exploration and celebration of the Spanish language and culture.  Students must be inducted into the Honor Society based on academic success in Spanish. Students become eligible to be inducted into Spanish Honor Society once 3 semesters of Spanish have been completed with an average of 93 or above.  Students must also maintain an overall GPA of 85 in all their classes.


Latin Honor Society

Advisor Mrs. Nelson

Latin Honor Society encourages exploration and celebration of the Latin language and Roman culture.  Students must be inducted into the Honor Society based on academic success in Latin.  Students become eligible to be inducted into Latin Honor Society once 3 semesters of Latin have been completed with an average of 93 or above.  Students must also maintain an overall GPA of 85 in all their classes.


Tri-M Music Honor Society

Advisor: Dr. Nickerson

Time Commitment: Varies

Tri-M Music Honor Society is sponsored by the National Association for Music Education.  Students must be inducted into Tri-M based on academic and performance success in music.  Membership is open to juniors and seniors who have 2 years experience in a school ensemble, strong evidence of extra-curricular music activities in and out of school and have maintained a 93 or above in all music classes and a minimum GPA of 85 in all other classes.  Once inducted, members must uphold the Tri-M guidelines to maintain their membership.  Tri-M members are recognized during graduation activities by wearing the pink honor cord, the international academic color designated for music.

Windham High Leo Club


Time Commitment: year long

The Leo Club is a service group focused on the community.  We are the youth version of the Lion’s Club, involved with stuff the Bus (a food drive), fuel assistance, clothing drives, kid activities, and raising money for diabetes and blindness


Key Club

Advisor: Mr. Becker

Time Commitment: year-long

A community service based organization affiliated with Kiwanis Clubs, Key Club gives all interested students opportunities to make a difference in the community.  We trick-or-treat for UNICEF, participate in the Relay-for-Life for the American Cancer Society and raise money for other worthy organizations here in Maine and around the world.  We help the elderly in the community and we also assist at the Windham human resources center. The Key Club motto is “Caring, Our Way of Life”. There is a short meeting every Monday after school. Key Club is a great opportunity to fulfill your community service requirement.


 Science Olympiad

Advisor: Mr. Wirtz

Time Commitment: Weekly meetings beginning in October, with additional time each week throughout the year spent preparing for events independently and with partners. February and March are the biggest months with mock competitions and the state competition on a Saturday.

Science Olympiad provides students with the opportunity to explore different areas of science, technology and engineering and compete against other schools.


Science Bowl

Advisor: ____________

Time Commitment: Weekly meetings after school, September to March, in room 217

Students prepare for the Regional Science Bowl competition, which takes place on a Saturday at the end of February or beginning of March each year. Two teams of 5 students play against each other in a quiz-show style format answering questions about science and mathematics. Most meetings are spent practicing using the buzzers and answering questions in the format of the competition. Students may spend some time outside of the scheduled meetings to study one of the areas of science or mathematics.


Math Team

Advisor: Mrs. Goulet

The goal of the Math Team is to successfully compete in mathematics, create an enthusiasm among students around mathematics, and promote the unique, creative problem solving aspects of the discipline. Meetings will be held regularly and consistent attendance is expected. The day and time of these meetings will be determined by the Math Team Coach and all interested students at the beginning of the year. Any student interested in practicing, enhancing, and applying their math skills should strongly consider the team.

Windonian-The Yearbook

Advisor: Mrs. Sullivan

Time Commitment: year long, but busiest Sept-February, then 2 weeks in May.

Like to use computers? Like to take pictures?  Are you good at organization?  Do you like to look at pictures? Do you like to write? Do you like to have fun?  Well then yearbook is the group for you.  No matter what you like to do there is always something that you can do for the yearbook.

Outing Club

Advisor: Mr. Riddle

Asst. Advisors: Mr. Wirtz, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Hall-Riddle


Time Commitment:

One mandatory meeting each month and then year round activities based on the season.


Mission Statement:

The Windham Outing Club exists to give Windham High School Students an opportunity to safely immerse in diverse environments and learn basic and technical outdoor skills.

Through these experiences students will gain an appreciation and respect for each other and the environment, develop leadership skills and self-awareness.



Year around, WHSOC Club members have had the opportunity to go hiking, cycling, sea kayaking, white water rafting, rock climbing, snowboarding, Nordic, Alpine, and Telemark skiing, and much more.


WHSOClimbing Team:

Contact Mr. Brown

New to WHSOC last year, our rock climbing team trains at WHS and

 over at EVO Rock & Fitness in Portland.  Team members will learn basic and advanced climbing techniques and will then compete against other schools(during fall and spring sessions) in the region.  This is not a school sponsored sport so will require a membership

 fee to participate and climb/compete in the league over at EVO Rock & Fitness.

Joint Military Cadets of America

Advisor: Wirtz

The Windham Platoon of the Joint Military Cadets of America is a group dedicated to Military values, training and discipline. If you are interested in a military career after high school this will give you a small taste of what it is like to be a member of the Armed Forces of the United States of America. We are also dedicated to community service projects and our Windham High School community. We work with local Armed Forces recruiters and many local military units to help prepare you for a career in whatever branch of the military you are interested in. If you decide that a military career is not for you the things you learn and the habits you attain in the Joint Military Cadets of America can still help you with whatever path you choose.


Civil Rights Team

Advisor: Ms. Flynn

Time Commitment: Meetings will vary. It is student driven with year round activities and outside events.

The mission of the Civil Rights Team is to promote the safety of all students, regardless of their differences.  We work to promote acceptance and celebrate diversity. We have been involved in many fun activities (Penny Wars, X-mas Tree and Food/ Cloths Drive, Dinners, Diversity Day) and state conferences.  We also work closely with other Civil Rights Teams.


Young Life

Advisor: Kati King-kati.j.king@gmail.com 207-653-4038

Young Life gives high school students the chance to consider life, faith and what it means to them through fun events, adventure and genuine relationships with adults who care. There’s no membership, but events are open to any and all high school kids, regardless of faith background or interest. More information and upcoming events are on the website: www.sebago.younglife.org



Advisor: Ms. Reynolds & Ms. Abbott

Time Commitment: year long

Interact is the high school branch of Rotary International.  We are a community service group and serve both locally and globally.  Some of our more popular events are:  volunteering at the soup kitchen, the high school talent show, 5K road races, auctions and a princess tea party.  We always help Rotary when they sponsor events such as the Pizza Challenge, Summerfest events and the Sebago Lake Ice Fishing Derby.  All the money we raise goes back to our local and global community.


Craft Club

Advisor: Ms. Rush

The WHS Craft Club is focused on providing an outlet for creativity in an informal group setting. This club meets periodically throughout the school year (at least once per quarter) with a new craft being offered at each meeting. There is a $5 suggested donation to help toward the cost of supplies. Come to all meetings or pick and choose which crafts you'd like to make throughout the year!


GSA (Genders & Sexualities Alliance)

Advisor: Mrs. Shetenhelm ashetenhelm@rsu14.org 

Website: https://windhamgsa.wordpress.com/ Remind for updates: remind.com/join/24g4he

Time Commitment: Weekly meetings on Wednesday afternoons from 2-3 pm in APEX (room 228)

Mission Statement: We are a group of students and staff who wish to provide a safe place for LGBTQ+ youth and their straight allies to discuss and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.  We help identify and see through issues that the LGBTQ+ community has. Our biggest goal is to allow all students and staff to feel accepted, supported, and included.


Be the Influence

Advisor: Mr. Daigle

The mission of Be the Influence is to promote a more positive community by advocating positive choices and reducing substance use and abuse. Our motto is “Your decisions matter! “  There will be numerous leadership opportunities for our members to participate in throughout the school year.

SAVE Promise Club  (Students Against Violence Everywhere)

Advisors: Mrs. Burton and Mrs. Peters

Time Commitment: Bi-Weekly Meetings and work on initiatives

SAVE Promise Club is a new club at WHS!  Our goal is to prevent violence at school by creating a safe and welcoming school community. Initiatives we’re working on include improving the school culture to be more inclusive and educating students about spotting warning signs of violence in others. We are a fun and inclusive group!

Geeks’ Templar

Advisor: Ms. Flewelling

Time Commitment: Highly flexible – Runs all year long.

Geeks’ Templar is dedicated to proudly celebrating the geekiness hidden within all of us.  We spend weekly meetings exploring and enhancing our geekiness.  Our current foci include science fiction / fantasy and obscure or geeky games (RPG etc.).


Student Council

Advisor: Mrs. Wilson

Time: Even Pride Blocks

Student Council is a representative group for ALL students. All students in all grade levels are welcome to join. Meetings are Tuesday mornings at 7am (when you get off the bus) in room 212.  Student council is involved in the first day of school for freshman, class elections, leadership training and working with school administration on any issues that need to be addressed from admiration or the student body.


LEAF -- WHS Creative Arts Community

Adviser: Mr. Bell

Time Commitment: two meetings a month

LEAF (Literary arts, Entertainment arts, Applied arts, and Fine arts) is a group of students who love and appreciate the creative arts in all forms. Our goal is to unify all of the local art communities into one entity. We seek to draw inspiration from one another, and to use and refine our creative talents. Student work -- literature, visual art, and film --  will be showcased on a club blog space.

doing.”LEAF is here to bring recognition and support to the art community, and to encourage the students in their creativity.


Debate Team

Advisor: _______

Time Commitment: Weekly meetings from September to March

Do you enjoy discussing current events? Are you looking for ways to win all of your arguments? The debate team may be the perfect club for you! This year, we intend to develop a team here at Windham High School, train in the art of debating, and ultimately compete in one or two tournaments with schools from around Maine. Come help the WHS Debate Team make a name for itself!

National Honor Society

 Advisor: Mr. Champion

Students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 90 to be eligible for consideration for selection.  Those eligible are invited to submit documentation of their accomplishments in leadership, service, and character.  Eligible juniors and seniors are considered each fall; eligible sophomores and juniors are considered each spring.  A Faculty Council made up of at least five teachers then considers the material submitted.  All teachers are asked for input to help the Faculty Council complete its ratings.  Using criteria set forth in the National Honor Society guidelines, students are rated in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  A point cutoff is used to determine those selected.


To remain members, students are required to maintain a GPA of at least 90 and to document a minimum of twelve hours of community service, above and beyond those service hours required for graduation.   Any member who fails to meet the service requirement, or who does not attend meetings, or who does not participate in chapter activities will be sent a letter informing him or her of probation for one semester.  A student may be dismissed if the criteria are not met at the end of the probationary period.  


Any member who violates the Academic Integrity policy or who commits any other infraction of school rules that reflects negatively on character and/or leadership, will be brought before the Faculty Council for possible probationary status or for dismissal from NHS.  If a student wishes to appear before the Council or to make a written statement before any decisions are made, he or she may do so.   A student may appeal a dismissal to the principal of the school. Members who resign or are dismissed are never again eligible for membership.


Book Club

Advisors: Mrs. Denecker & Mrs. Chavonelle

Time Commitment: one Pride Block every six weeks in the library

Love to read?! Love to chat about what you’ve read? Join us in the library for snacks and good conversation. Each Book Club meeting you will pick a book of your choice as a group. Then, at the next meeting, we will get together to discuss the characters, questions, and favorite moments. This is your opportunity to voice your thoughts and opinions about your favorite reads!


Prom Committee:

Advisor: Jr. Class Advisor

Time Commitment: Junior Year

                * Brainstorm prom locations, create ballots for seniors to vote on song, theme, King and Queen, etc.  Deciding on a D.J and decorations, as well as working with the Junior Class Advisor.  Duties right before prom include: advertising, selling tickets, and setting up on the date of Prom.


Class Council:


Senior Class: Mr. Champion

Junior Class: Mr. Levinsky & Ms. Hazard

Sophomore Class:  Mrs. Soucy

Freshman Class: Mr. Adams