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Frequently Asked Questions About Pinwheel Art School

? Does Pinwheel Art School have a central location?  
Not yet. We are planning one day to have a central location if God permits. Right now, we are setting up shop in a number of Hobby Lobbys, public spaces in quiet corners of coffee houses like Boulder Creek Coffee in Lawrenceville and other various locations where the need calls.  The Hobby Lobby near the Mall of GA and Boulder Creek are our main campuses right now. sometimes Victor has taught classes through Summit Academy.  In 2019-20 we are starting up campuses in Cumming: one at Hobby Lobby over there and after-school art classes at Fideles Christian School.

With that in mind, if you or some one you know would like to talk with us about partnering in establishing a place of our own, text Victor at 4049189198.

? What is the curriculum that the classes use?

Using an assortment of materials we revise and update our curriculum and develop our syllabi each year.  We are always looking for relevant new information that would make the course of study better. Our curriculli are based on Classical, traditional art studies in respect for and in comparison with Early world art and Modern and Postmodern art studies.  We teach from a Judeo-Christian world view. Below is a short list of some of the materials we draw our curriculum from. If you don’t find online syllibi or any other information you’re seeking, please request it by texting Victor at 4049189198.

? How does PAS teach my student art?

Each teacher has a unique style of course although every teacher is to follow the syllabus for that particular class with regular attention and response to that student’s assessment and evaluation form. A particular syllabus for each class is subject to change to meet the needs of the student. No matter how large a class may be (never over 15 per teacher), the student’s work is assessed and thier aspirations and goals are noted and kept in focus. Through regular assessment, the student’s syllabus might be altered for their benefit. Lead teachers teaching with PAS have at the least a Bachelor of Fine Art, Bachelor of Art, or a degree or certificate in an equivalent field of study. Assisting Teachers need a minimum of 3 years working as an art teacher in some capacity.

? What is your association with homeschoolers?

Pam and Victor had been homeschoolers themselves, teaching their own three kids for over 24 years. Getting involved with the homeschool communities, they started offering art classes. She a graphic designer and he an illustrator, they managed their careers and time in order to tag team and work together in their kid’s schooling; one year Victor would work from home but mostly care for and lead the kids, one year Pam might not work and be home with the kids and teach. One year one child might be down the road in elementary public school and one across town in private school and Victor would lead home school during the day and work at night as a freelancer. As home schoolers can contest, each year assessing the individual child is essential and doing what’s best for them. Victor says, “It hasn’t been easy but it’s been worth it because we wanted to have kids and so every year we asked ourselves what should we do that’s best for them. We knew what a miserable state the public school system was turning into ever since the 60’s being manipulated by anti-Christian community agenda. Plain and simple. Nevertherless, once our kids were old enough to understand right from wrong and key facts about life and morality and culture, then, if we thought they would benefit more from being in public school (grades generally from 3rd to 6th), than what we could offer them at home and could not afford private school, then we would pursue that route only through close evaluation. By the way, we got to know some very good public school teachers. That’s not to say our school’s have not been under a ‘soft persecution’ by government laws against Christians and by anti-Christian agenda.”

? What would you say is your strengths in teaching art?

Pinwheel Art School teaches art processes and techniques in courses uniquely by professionals who have been trained and work in an art field doing what they teach. Victor and Pam have always worked in art fields including Illustration, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Web Design, Plein Air Painting and other Fine Art pursuits, and Children’s book illustration. Because they are engaged in art colleges like Bob Jones University, Auburn University, The Portfolio Center, they strive to be a link for opportunities to reach their students.

Victor goes on to say, “Also, besides having degrees from Auburn University in FIne Art, working as artists, we offer our courses in a way to link with doing art for a living. We urge our students to take advantage of competitions and real jobs that we help bring their way. We want to help them increase their resume content for college or employment and build up their portfolio. To be able to include in your portfoio and on your resume that you have had work published or say, you did an illustration for Arby’s Restauraunt Group, is impressive for a college and may help increase chances for scholarships.”