Scheduling Events in Breeze with RSVPs

Purpose: To schedule events in Breeze that include RSVP options for invitees

General Steps: Schedule event and then schedule volunteers/invitees

Schedule Event

  1. Click on “Events”
  2. Click “+ Add Event”
  3. The “Add Event” box will pop-up.

  1. Click “Show More Options” at the bottom of the “Add Event” pop-up. [At this time, do not worry about the right side of the page labeled “Check In”.]

  1.  Fill in the event name, start and end time, choose the calendar to display on, set the location, and add a description of the event.

NOTE about Calendars: The calendar is important because only items on the Main and Life Groups calendars gets displayed on the calendar visible on the website.

NOTE about Description: The description does get displayed on the calendar visible on the website.

  1. Click “Save Event”. The pop-up box will close and you should be taken to the calendar.

Schedule Volunteers/Invitees

  1. Click on your event. The event pop-up box will appear.

  1. Click “View Details”
  2. Click “Volunteers”

  1. Click “+ Add Volunteers”

  1. Enter the names or tags that you would like to send RSVPs to.

NOTE: Tags are the equivalent of groups in CCB terminology.

  1. Click “Add”.

You should see a “Volunteers Added Successfully” confirmation message. By default, volunteers will receive notifications 3 days before the event BUT this can be changed.

  1. Click “Change” to change the timing of the notifications and the text of the message that is sent out.
  2. Click “Show More Options” on the “Notifications” pop-up.

  1. You can change the timing of the notifications in the “Send a notification” box.
  2. If you want people to RSVP, select “Include RSVP buttons”.
  3. Notifications can be sent by email, text, or both. Recommend selecting both.
  4. You can change the wording of the “Notification Message”. Recommend updating this message if it isn’t being sent to true volunteers. It will often be sent to invitees of an event or meeting.
  5. You can set a 2nd notification to be sent, if desired.
  1. Click “Save” and you are done.

What does the invitee see?

The invitee will receive an email and/or text similar to this.

They click on “I’ll be there!” or “Can’t make it” and they are done…..but they can also see event details, leave a comment or change their response.

Viewing RSVP responses

To view RSVPs, go to the event on the calendar and click the event and then select volunteers. On that page you will see the status of the RSVPs along with any comments left.