The strong performance for the Eagles continued Saturday at the Panhandle Challenge.  We won all four team title and the JV races were won by Tanner Krebsbach and Nia Madrigal, with Todd Wendel and Lillian Holtery placing 2nd in the Varsity races.  Overall we placed 6 boys and 5 girls in the top 12 of the varsity races and 15 of the top 16 places in the boys jv race, and 10 of the top 12 in the girls jv race.  Full Results and pics are also available on the team facebook page (

This week’s “Runners of the Week”

Varsity Boys

Sophomore Parker Nunley finished 7th for the varsity team running 18:21 which is a 42 second PR.

Varsity Girls

Sophomore Erika Bobek continue the family streak.  Erika finished 6th for the varsity team running 22:34, a 51 second PR

JV Boys

Junior Tanner Krebsbach was the winner of the JV Race and ran a 10 second PR.

JV Girls

Sophomore Nia Madrigal, who missed much of last season due to a knee injury, was the winner of the JV race and she ran a 59 second PR.

No pasta dinner this week,  Our next Pasta Dinner will by 9/12 at the Vestal Household!

This weekend’s meet is the Pace Patriot Invitational located at the Pace Cross Country Complex (Sims Middle School & Dixon Intermediate School, 5500 Education Drive, Pace, FL 32571)

Meet Schedule:

5:45: Bus departs NHS Field House Lot

7:30am: Coaches meeting

8:00am: Varsity Girls

8:45am: Varsity Boys

9:30am: JV Open

11:00am: JV and Varsity Awards

12:30-1:00 return to NHS

Varsity Runners

Boys - Todd, Finn, Jake, Kaden, Dane, Tommy, Parker, Anthony, Joey, Reese

Girls - Lilli, Erin, Ellie, Ainslee B, Sophia, Erika, Abigail, Trinity, Veronica, Nia

Not Running - Ty, Paige, Clara Beth

*Please notify me ASAP if you are not running or the above is incorrect

Looking Forward


Jacksonville Bale and Trail Meet

We are in need of a parent to help drive kids to this meet as well as transport tents, coolers, etc.  We will leave at 11:00am Friday.  We are taking the 16 athletes listed below (those of you at the end of this list could get bumped if people behind you run faster this coming weekend).

Boys - Todd, Finn, Jake, Kaden, Dane, Tommy, Parker, Anthony, Joey

Girls - Lilli, Ellie, Ainslee B, Sophia, Erika, Abigail, Trinity, Veronica

Athletes not running this weekend: Kaden, Erin C, Ty, Eleny, Ethan, Paige, Clara Beth

*Please notify me ASAP if you are not running or the above is incorrect


We must finalize our plans for the trip.  The cost of this trip is $160 plus uncovered meals.  (Cost covers ticket to universal, hotel for two nights, lunch & dinner Friday night.)  We leave Friday 9/27 and return Sunday 9/29.  

Currently the following people have said they are not attending: KiLynn. IF YOU ARE NOT GOING PLEASE NOTIFY COACH ASAP

Travel: we have one charter bus holding 54 athletes, plus two mini vans each carrying 5 athletes.  We still need a parent to help transport team tents, coolers, etc.


9/27 - Friday

7:00am - depart NHS

10:45am - stop in Tallahassee to run and eat lunch

~6:00pm - check into hotel in lakeland fl

Dinner in hotel and chill for the evening

9/28 - Saturday

6:00am depart for course

7:20 - Varsity Boys Run

7:40 - Varsity Girls Run

9:30 - JV Boys Run

9:55 - JV Girls Run

11:00 head back to hotel for lunch and rest time

4:00 - 6:00 depart for Universal Studios and Eat in Universal City

6:30 - midnight - “enjoy” Hollywood Horror Nights

1:00am arrive back at hotel


~10:00am depart for Niceville

~12:00pm lunch in Gainesville

5:00pm arrive back at NHS

Team pictures are available for purchase...

This week’s Senior Spotlight

Zachary Alabata

Clara Beth LaFollette

Tell me about your family...

Quite wonderful. My mom and dad are always there to push me to aspire to do more and excel in everything I do. My little brother Matthew is a lot to handle but I appreciate the joy and laughter he brings into my life.

Having my father as my coach has been a truly awesome yet challenging experience that I am glad to have had. I watched my sister run for 3 years before starting, she was my inspiration. My mom, for driving to every single meet, running herself quite thin and dealing with constant running talk.

When did you start running? Why did you start running?

6th grade as a supplement for soccer

I started in 6th grade thanks to watching my sister run and turning out to be pretty good.

Favorite part about being a cross country runner

Running with a team and pushing each other to be better

Honestly, the fact that we are an incredibly good team and that I get to contribute to that. The feeling after a race when you get a new PR, or finish your longest run, that is my favorite part of being a cross country runner.

Best memory of cross country

First day of summer practice realizing I wasn’t as slow as I was in middle school

Winning the state championship as a freshman and getting a ring.

Favorite Musician/Band/Music Genre

80s rock

Taylor Swift

Your place to relax

On the floor

The beach

Favorite subject in school


Science/ history

Favorite food


Food wise, pasta but for dessert cheesecake

Complete this sentence "Everyone who knows me, knows I love...."



Plans for the future?

Major in biomedical engineering at the University of Florida

Either go to UNC, Emory, USC, Wake Forest, Davidson, or Columbia to study neuroscience and become a doctor.

Anything else you’d like to add

Coach LaFollette is awesome

Being part of this team has been the best experience of my high school career, and not being able to run for my final two seasons has been the worst. I am incredibly thankful for everyone on the team for supporting me when I was not able to run.



Complete Season Schedule available here

Coach LaFollette