Black River Independent School Committee

Date/Time: 03/14/2019 @ 6:30pm

Location: Black River High School Middle School Library


  1. Call to Order-Called to order by John @ 6:39pm

A. Roll Call-Kristen Garvey, Melissa Perrino,, Uli Donohue, Marissa Selleck, &

Joann Wilson via phone conference call.

B. Approval of Agenda: Additions & Deletions-John to add Grant Discussion to III.Business, B.Discussion as 4.  Motion by MS, UD 2nd; Passed

II. Approval of Minutes

        A. 03/07/2019-Reviewed section about sign: Discussion in regards to getting a

        quote for a giant sign/banner. Will seek out contact with sign shop for quote as

        well as Town official/electric company about hanging in at south end of town (by

        Subway/Knight’s hot tub, where the “Zuccinni Fest” banner used to be displayed)

                *Follow up with approx. dimensions for JW to reach out to sign shop

III. Business

        A. Updates

                1. Marketing Contact via MP or UD-Follow up with sign shop contact; JW

                will reach out in regards to possibly hiring her as our marketer as well (JB

                requested to if she is PR or marketer or both; KG also has possible PR

                contact, will follow up on)

                        *Follow Up-KG: Possible PR contact & banner dimensions for JW

                        JW-Reach out to sign shop contact

                2. Lawyer Update via UD-Scheduled via email for a 9:30am phone

                conference with the lawyer; UD, MS, & JW to attend (meet @ OMS); 2 key

                concerns/questions to discuss are:

a) Clarification for 501(c)3 application upgrade for either BRISC or BRA

(& any possible recommendations for an accountant); and,

b) How much $ on the application does the state think is fiscally viable?

B. Discussion

        1. Rotary Luncheon Prep-BRISC members to attend are John Bannon,

        Suzy Buckley, & Marissa Selleck.  Some of the programs Rotary offers/

        supports include scholarships & foreign exchange students.  

Reviewed “Talking Points” document JW typed up-BRISC background,

who we are, what we’re working towards (goals), what we’ve

accomplished so far, current projects/progress (fundraising),

building/location concerns & hopes, collaborative efforts, & meetings/feedback.  

                2. Calendar of Events-Two events coming up as of right now, includes

                High School Fair at BRHS on Thursday, May 2nd; and, Summer Meet &

                Greet via Hostel &/or Stem’s.

                Reach out to potential sub-committee members for organizing list; work

                can be done remotely via online (strategy will still include plenty of 1:1

                in person discussions for this outreach when the time comes). Also need

                to determine how much to ask/request from middle tier (& top).

                        *MP to follow up with Christine Graham, fundraising consultant.

                        *MS to follow up w/ contacts in regards to participating in the

                        Sub-committee for Mid-Tier List of Contacts (after confirming, next

                        step is to create doc to share with group).

                MP-Necessity to form a sub-committee for sports/athletics as well; huge

                priority for the kids, key opportunity to get them more engaged/interested.

                Another possibility is to look into creating a stipend to offer to a returning

                college student over the summer to assist in organizational tasks.

                        *MS to follow up on an events calendar.

                3. Mt. Holly Outreach-Still a primary goal to work together with the Mt.

                Holly community and keep them engaged/informed.  Reach out to other

                contacts who are part of Mt. Holly community.

                        *MS to reach out to Mt. Holly contacts

                4. Grant Possibilities: JB compiled a whole list of possible grants available

                in the area (great resources!).  

                2 Big Benefits: Money/resource obviously, & Legitimacy (procur support

                from viable contributors, ie: People’s United Bank, Heritage Bank,

                Windham Foundation, etc.  

IV. Public Comment-N/A

V. Executive Session: Review Board Structure-Postpone until further notice (also, review by-laws in the meantime in regards to utmost transparency & the capability to offer stipends).

VI. Suggested Items For Next Meeting

Lawyer Update, Rotary Luncheon Update, Calendar of Events Review, 501(c)3 Key Points, Sub-Committee List of Mid-Tier Fundraising Contact, Marketing Update

VII. Adjournment-Adjourned by JB @ 7:55pm