What do we need to submit to be entered into the lottery?

The application window for the 2019-2020 school year is November 1, 2018 - February 27, 2019. Families must submit a KIPP application form online, it can be found here during that window.


Can a family apply online?

Yes, applications can (and should) be completed online. Applications for the 2019-2020 lottery open November 1st.

Computers will also be available at each school for families to use to sign up.

How do I apply for the after school program?

We offer after school programs through Boys and Girls Club (2nd Grade through 8th Grade) and YMCA (Kindergarten and 1st Grade only). These applications will be available for all current and newly accepted families after the lottery in March 2019.



Will KIPP Columbus notify families of the lottery? If so, how?

Yes, however we will have a closed lottery that is not open to the public. The Director of Operations will be conducting the lottery with a member from The Thomas B. Fordham Foundation observing.


Are families able to attend the lottery?



How is “sibling” defined in terms of the lottery?

Siblings are a brother or sister via a shared biological or adopted mother, father or guardian. Siblings who reside in different households (i.e. one with their mother and the other with their father) are included. If current students are submitting an application for a sibling and would like sibling preference, a birth certificate must be provided PRIOR to the lottery.


How are siblings verified?

Siblings are verified using any state issued document: birth certificate, adoption paperwork, or custody paperwork upon enrollment.

What happens if families do not provide adequate validation that students are siblings?

Sibling applications will not be given preference for the lottery without a birth certificate. Offered seats will be withdrawn.


Do alumni siblings have preference in the lottery?

No. Preference is given for siblings of currently enrolled KIPP students.


Would there ever be more than one lottery?

No. Students who are interested and submit an enrollment form after the lottery has been held are entered onto the waitlist in the order the forms are received.




Is it possible to lose your seat?

Admitted students can lose their seat by failing to turn in their complete enrollment packet within 10 business days from notification of admission. Current students can only lose their seat once they enroll in another school.

How do we know how many seats we have in each grade?

Open seats vary from grade to grade. Kindergarten always has the most seats available for new families. We continue enrolling through the start of the next year but seats are never guaranteed.


Will the lottery information be placed on your website?