Echoes of Earth - A musical festival going towards carbon neutral

Echoes of Earth is a one of its kind Ecological and sustainable musical festival to be held this year on Dec 1st and Dec 2nd at Embassy International Riding school nestled among 150 acres of green patch outside Bangalore.  We are thrilled to be part of this year’s  Echoes of Earth team in lighting up the BigTree stage, one of the three stages at the event,  using solar power.

This year’s festival theme is around “Marine and Ocean Conservation”, paying tribute to the beautiful life in water.  Many artists are collaborating together setting up magnificent installations of the ocean creatures to remind all of us to preserve and protect the marine environment.

Most of us only know that discharge of chemicals, disposing of the plastics into the ocean and overfishing are the major causes of water pollution. But what we might not be aware of is that a light bulb, yes, the light bulb, a musical boombox, a TV, that we unintentionally turn on every night, is harming marine life and thereby accelerating the extinction of many marine species.

How is that? As you might know, the power that is used to turn on the light bulb comes from mostly the fossil fuels. When the fossil fuels are burnt, apart from causing global warming, it also causes something called ocean acidification. As carbon dioxide enters the ocean, it reacts with seawater to form carbonic acid. Since the start of the Industrial Revolution about 150 years ago, 25% of Co2 emissions has been absorbed by the seas, increasing the average acidity by 30 percent *. This has reduced the life expectancy of marine life.

Echoes of Earth is not just a sustainable festival where you are given an experience of the complete green festival themed to save marine life but also brings an interesting line up of 40 Indian and International musicians and artists performing on 4 stages.

The other unique feature at the festival is the installations at the Venue are built with recycled and upcycled materials by artists across India.  Be part of the beautiful festival. Let’s all celebrate being sustainable at this ecologically crafted musical festival - Echoes of Earth.

If you are interested to know about solar too? Come and  talk to our team near solar-powered mobile charging station near the solar panels which are also powering up the big tree stage.!

Check out the following awesome artist lineup Artist Line up  & book your tickets from BookMyShow

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